Easy Chili Con Carne Recipes

Norwegian-American Easy Chili Recipe

Chili Con Carne

It seems inconsistent at first thought that those who reside in the cooler sections of the country do not indulge to any great extent in the warming influences induced by partaking of that Mexican delicacy Chili Con Carne.

Travelers through the Southwest are no doubt surprised to find “Chili Parlors” nearly as frequently as we have “lee Cream Parlors" in the North.

Everybody knows what chili con carne is. We had bought several cans at one time, just enough to know that we liked it and that it cost more this we would pay for any great length of time. I decided then that I could make it and save some money.

I had less than three gallons of raw materials consisting of six quarts of ripe pinto beans, five pounds of beef, half a pound of suet, four quarts of tomato pulp, one ounce of chili powder, and some red pepper.

After cooking the beans, I ground the meat and suet, mixed this with the tomato pulp, adding the chili powder, and then heated the mixture to a temperature of 190 degrees.

As I wished to preserve this for future use, I packed it in glass pint jars preparatory to sterilization. My method of sterilization is to sterilize with steam under pressure because this method, giving hot temperatures, insures success.

How I Successfully Can My Chili Con Carne

After filling the jars I placed the rubbers, partially tightened the cape, and set them into my steam-pressure retort containing one gallon of water. After placing the 22-pint jars in the retort, I clamp on the lid and raise the pressure to 250 degrees, and process at this temperature for one hour.

In all I had thirty-four pints of chili con came, which would have cost $6.80 if commercially packed. The raw materials were worth $2.50. By doing the work myself I saved the difference.

Had I worked for wages the amount of money that I should have received for the time that I put in on this chili con carne would not buy thirty-four pints of the finished product.

Chili Con Carne Recipe #1

Three quarter round steak cut in small pieces and browned in butter, one medium sized onion cut in pieces, two cups tomatoes, one tablespoon chili powder, two little red peppers, half teaspoon celery seed ground, half teaspoon sage (may be omitted), one large sweet pepper, salt. Cook about half hour, then add one can kidney beans and cook slowly half hour longer.

Chili Con Carne #2

One pound of hamburger steak browned -in butter; one small can of tomatoes strained; two sliced onions, one can kidney beans, a little sugar, salt, and cayenne pepper to make pretty hot. Cook slowly about one hour, or more. 

Chili Con Carne #3

One pound of chopped beef, one can tomatoes, one can red kidney beans, three onions cut small, six potatoes diced, one stalk celery cut fine, paprika and salt to taste, two quarts water, boil three hours.

Chili Con Carne #4

Two pounds or raw beef chopped fine; one small onion, or clove of garlic, chopped One; two tomatoes, strained; tablespoonful of Chili powder or Chili pepper pulp.

Fry the meat, tomatoes and chopped onion or garlic with two tablespoonfuls of suet until cooked through. Then place in a stew kettle with about a quart, of water and boil one-half hour.

To this may be added a pint of Mexican beans which have been soaked overnight and boiled very tender. Salt to taste. Mexicans do not cook the Chill con carne and beans together but serve them usually in the same dish.

American cooks, however, cook the meat and beans together for an hour. The Chili con carne may be thickened with a little flour and water mixed if it seems too thin when ready to serve.

Recipe for Making Genuine Mexican Chili Con Carne

With Chile Powder, one pound of beef cut in small pieces, or ground coarse, one-third pound beef kidney fat ground very fine, one medium sized onion (or two or three buttons of garlic) minced.

Put fat in pot and melt. After it is thoroughly melted, add meat and onion or garlic. Let it cook until nearly done. If beans are wanted, use any good red bean.

For Instance-California Bayous, California Pink or Pinto Beans. When these are not convenient, use French Red Kidney Beans. Boil the beans separately and add beans to Chile Con Carne when serving.

Recipe for Making Chile Sauce with Chile Powder Seasoning

Take one can of No. 2 Tomatoes, one large bottle of catsup, one medium sized onion, minced, one level tablespoon of sugar, two level tablespoons of Chile Powder and one-fourth teaspoon of salt.

Mix thoroughly and mash until tomatoes become a pulp. Let this cook at boiling point for thirty minutes, stirring to keep from burning. This relish is excellent for meats, fish, stews, gravies, oysters, game, and vegetables.

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