SS California Vintage Menu Collection


Vintage menus for the SS California in the GG Archives collection represent the souvenir breakfast, luncheon, dinner, daily, private party, special occasion, and specialty menus provided to the passengers during their voyage. Many of these souvenir menus have disappeared over the years.


TSS California Breakfast Bill of Fare Postcard 10 August 1908

1908-08-10 TSS California Breakfast Menu

Vintage Breakfast Bill of Fare Postcard from 10 August 1908 featured a limited selection including Halibut Steaks, Stewed Sausages and Mashed Potatoes, and Irish Stew. The attached postcard featured views of the Twin Screw Steamship (TSS) "California", and Dunfermline Abbey in Scotland.


TSS California Breakfast Bill of Fare Card 1 June 1930

1930-06-01 TSS California Breakfast Menu Card

Breakfast Bill of Fare Card for Sunday, 1 June 1930 featured traditional breakfast choices and Suate of Ox Kidney, Fried Smelts and Kippered Herring.


Front Cover, TSS California Dinner Menu - 24 February 1931

1931-02-24 TSS California Dinner Menu Card

Vintage Dinner Menu Card from 24 February 1931 on board the TSS California of the Anchor Line featured Boiled Salmon, Sauce Riche, Fried Fillet of Flounder, Sauce Tartare, and Soufflé Pudding, Chamois for dessert. Events for the Evening were included with the Menu.


Our collection contains a sampling of menus initially produced and printed by the steamship lines. They are often used to illustrate family history books for immigrants from this time.


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