Titanic: 100 Years Below - Deluxe Centenary Edition

Front Side of Titanic: 100 Years Below - Deluxe Centenary Edition

Front Side of Titanic: 100 Years Below - Deluxe Centenary Edition. GGA Image ID # 104eb6640b

The Deluxe Centenary Edition of Titanic: 100 Years Below is a collector's dream for those who want different mediums to get a sense of the tragedy. The memorabilia packet of documents and reproductions were, unfortunately, cheaply done (or dramatically reduced in size from the original) and lacked the overall quality exhibited in other reproduction sets. The outer packaging was apparently the priority for this boxed set.

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Production: Retired / Out of Print

From the Back Side

Back Side of Titanic: 100 Years Below - Deluxe Centenary Edition

Back Side of Titanic: 100 Years Below - Deluxe Centenary Edition. GGA Image ID # 104f11644a

When RMS Titanic set sail for New York from Southampton on 10th April 1912, she was hailed as 'unsinkable.' Then, just four days into her maiden voyage, she struck an iceberg and sank, ensuring her place in legend as the victim of history's most infamous maritime disaster.

One hundred years on from that tragic day, this extraordinary collection brings together a fascinating documentary that revisits the site of the wreck, a wonderfully illustrated book on the ship's history and an array of memorabilia beautifully recreated from original materials at The National Archives in London, England.

Also, in tribute to one of the most enduring stories remembered from that fateful night, a CD of songs from the era - "The Band Played On" - is included in this definitive collection.

Titanic: A Tale of Two Journeys DVD

Front Cover of Titanic: Maritime's Most Nortorious Disaster. A Tale of Two Journeys (DVD) and The Band Played On (CD)

Front Cover of Titanic: Maritime's Most Nortorious Disaster. A Tale of Two Journeys (DVD) and The Band Played On (CD). GGA Image ID # 104f1d868d

The fate of RMS Titanic - the ‘unsinkable’ ship that never completed its maiden voyage has enthralled us all for a hundred years. Her power to captivate the world has only grown with every year she has lain on the seabed, so tantalizingly out of reach.

Now, join a voyage of discovery as one man sets out to see the wreck of RMS Titanic with his own eyes. The result is a unique film that shows the enduring passion for the Titanic story, the enormous challenges that must be conquered in order to visit the site and the amazing remains that still lie on the ocean floor, waiting for those brave and dedicated enough to make the long journey down.

Dive into the dark, cold waters of the North Atlantic and take an unforgettable voyage 2.5 miles beneath the waves to the final resting place of RMS Titanic. This moving film reveals details of the wreck site as few have seen it before, giving a new perspective on the momentous events of Titanic's tragic final journey.

DVD Running Time: 45 Minutes

The Band Played On CD

The Band Played On CD Insert

The Band Played On CD Insert. GGA Image ID # 104f21c233

25 songs from the glorious era of Titanic, featuring hits of the age from troubadours and songbirds including Irving Berlin, Django Reinhardt, and Marie Lloyd.

The CD "The Band Played On" Featured:

  1. The Band Played On Guy Lombardo
  2. My Melancholy Baby AI Bowlly
  3. Oh, You Beautiful Doll The American Quartet
  4. Come Josephine In My Flying Machine Harry Tally
  5. I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now The Dinning Sisters
  6. It's A Long Way To Tipperary John McCormack
  7. Every Little Movement Marie Lloyd
  8. Let Me Call You Sweetheart Cliffie Stone
  9. From The Land Of The Sky Blue Water Edith Mason
  10. Shine On Harvest Moon Kate Smith
  11. Pineapple Rag Scott Joplin
  12. Boiled Beef And Carrots Harry Champion
  13. Alexander's Ragtime Band Irving Berlin
  14. By The Light Of The Silvery Moon The Deep River Boys
  15. On Moonlight Bay Betty Johnson & The Johnson Singers
  16. Black And White Rag Ralph Sutton
  17. Isn't Love A Grand Old Thing Ada Jones & Billy Murray
  18. The Rose Of Tralee John McCormack
  19. Some Of These Days Django Reinhardt
  20. Roamin’ In The Gloamin’ Sir Harry Lauder
  21. When Irish Eyes Are Smiling John McCormack
  22. Meet Me Tonight In Dreamland Vaughn Monroe & His Orchestra
  23. In The Garden Betty Johnson
  24. When I Lost You Morton Downey
  25. Nearer My God To Thee Jo Stafford

The Story Of Titanic Hardback Book

Front Cover, Story of Titanic by Henry Hirst © 2011

Front Cover, Story of Titanic by Henry Hirst © 2011. GGA Image ID # 104e63a60c

From its origins, construction and launch, through to the improbable yet deadly combination of events that contributed to its sinking, this gripping 132-page book takes an in-depth look at the tragic story of the passenger ship that never completed its maiden voyage. Read More...

Memorabilia Pack

Packet of Memorabilia from the Titanic: 100 Years Below Collection

Packet of Memorabilia from the Titanic: 100 Years Below Collection. GGA Image ID # 104f399e2b

A collection of rarely seen Titanic memorabilia, recreated from the original material at The National Archives. Items include blueprints from the original designs of the ship; crew records and official ID cards; six emergency telegrams from the night of the collisions and hand-drawn diagram revealing the ensuing rescue attempt by SS Birma; an official letter from White Star Line to the Board of Trade; a personal account form a survivor of the disaster; letters of sympathy; postcards and much more.

Contents of Memorabilia Packet:

  • Correspondence dated 16 April 1912 Between Ismay, Imrie & Co. White Star Line and Sir Walter J. Howell, K.C.B., Marine Department, Board of Trade in London regarding Titanic tragedy.
  • Two Pages (4 Segments) of Crew Member's Particulars of Engagement No. 473-474; and 495-496.
  • Eight Crew Member's Identity Index Cards
  • 2 Postcards of Titanic / Olympic
  • Correspondence, undated circa 15 April 1912 from Ben Tillett of Dock, Wharf, Riverside, and General Workers' Union to the Board of Trade, Mariner's Department was expressing condolences.
  • Correspondence dated 27 August 1912 From Ismay, Imrie & Co. to The Receiver of Wreck, Custom House, Liverpool regarding Titanic Inquiry Report.
  • Copy of Post Office Telegraph from The Minister of Trade and Industry, St. Petersburg, Russia sending condolences on Titanic Tragedy on 17 April 1912.
  • Correspondence from the Hamburg-Amerika Linie dated 22 June 1912 pertaining to logbook entries on ice and weather conditions from the SS President Lincoln and the SS Prinz Adalbert.
  • Transcript of Register for Transmission to Registrar-General of Shipping and Seamen for the Titanic. Form No. 19. (Miniaturized)
  • Blueprints of the Titanic Deck Plans, 1 sheet printed on both sides
  • Transcripts of a Series of Four Radio-Telegraphs about the last hours of the Titanic
  • Map of the position of the Titanic when she sank
  • 3-Page Hand-Written Statement by Alfred Bernard Omont of his experience on the Titanic. He was a passenger who boarded the ship in Cherbourg.
  • Poem - Shipwrecked, The Last of the "Titanic" by John C. Brittain
  • Poem - The Loss of the "Titanic" by E. J. Singleton Smith dated 22 April 1912
  • Poem - "The Titanic's Heroic Band."
  • Table showing the number of men, women, and children of each class, together with the crew, carried on the Titanic, and the number and percentage saved in each category, so far as can at present be ascertained by the owners of the vessel.
  • Four-Color Emergency Stations Deck Plan of the White Star Line RMS Olympic created as a result of the RMS Titanic disaster.
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