The Titanic Collection: Mementos of the Maiden Voyage

Front of Hinged Box Containing The Titanic Collection: Mementos of the Maiden Voyage from the rchives of the Titanic Historical Society

Front of Hinged Box Containing The Titanic Collection: Mementos of the Maiden Voyage from the Archives of the Titanic Historical Society. GGA Image ID # 104e8bf4da

The tragedy of the Titanic is chillingly present in the details: that the sea was calm and the night moonless; that the orchestra played "Songe d'Automne" as the icy water rose.

Drawn from the archives of the Titanic Historical Society, The Titanic Collection uses real documents authentically reproduced to paint a riveting portrait of life on board this magnificent ship.

Reminiscent of a turn-of-the-century steamer trunk, this deluxe box contains more than 18 items, including:

  • boarding pass of a man who missed the sailing
  • brochure reviewing the amenities and civilities of the first class
  • deck maps
  • luggage stickers
  • postcards sent from the ship
  • replicas of three tragic telegrams: the warning of icebergs ahead, the Titanic's distress call, and the heartrending announcement of the disaster

The Titanic Collection also includes a fact-filled booklet and timeline. Few will want to resist a closer look at the utterly compelling items in The Titanic Collection.

The Titanic momentos are housed in a hinged box containing a booklet that explains the reproductions included from that fateful voyage of 1912. Includes replicas and copies of Titanic memorabilia, mementos, notes, menus, maps, and more!

Contents Include:

  • 8-Panel Brochure on the TItanic/Olympic
  • Deck Plans
  • Full-Color Adhesive Luggage Stickers
  • Boarding Card (White Star Line Agent Insert for FIrst Class Tickets on the Titanic)
  • Notes for First Class Passengers - Useful Information including Meal Times, Public Spaces, and Amenities
  • First Class Passenger List
  • First Class Luncheon Menu
  • Menu from the Last Dinner for First Class Passengers
  • Postcard Reproductions of the Titanic and Olympic (Some postally used, others unused)
  • Music Booklet containing the orchestra's repertoire
  • "Radio-Telegram" from the Ship Amerika Four Hours before the Disaster Warning of Icebergs
  • Copy of Telegram Sent From the Titanic to the Baltic - "Sinking wants immediate assistance"
  • Marconigram from the Carpathia
  • Landing Card
  • 38-Page Booklet That Explains the Contents of This Collection with a Timeline of the Tragedy

Product Information

  • ISBN-10: 0811820521
  • ISBN-13: 9780811820523
  • Authors: Eric Sauder, Hugh Brewster
  • Number of Pages: 38
  • Publication Date: 1998-07-01
  • Publisher: Chronicle Books LLC
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