Titanic Disaster Slides Popular - 1912

Advertisement for Titanic Slides

Advertisement for Titanic Slides - the Most Realistic Slides on the Market, Great Sea Disaster, Beautifully Colored Slides, Elegant Special Lithos, in Colors. The Motion Picture News (4 May 1912) p. 23. GGA Image ID # 106133ce51

W. Lindsay Gordon's lecture set of slides illustrating the great sea disaster, the wreck of the Titanic, are in such demand that it has been found necessary to put on extra help in order to fill orders promptly. When the Moving Picture Newsman called on Mr. Gordon, he saw a desk full of telegrams from managers and lecturers all over who wanted the slides. Mr. Gordon claims the demand for this particular set is due to the fact that he has arranged it in sets of 15 and 30 slides, all of which are intensely interesting, and beautifully colored, each set having a strong lecture, and special lithos. The special price is another feature of the set, as managers find that they can purchase it as cheap as renting. Mr. Gordon's other big feature lecture sets are Dante's Inferno, Paradise Lost, White Slave Traffic, and others all with special paper.

“Titanic Disaster Slides Popular,” in The Motion Picture News, New York: The Cinematograph Publishing Company, Vol. V, No. 18, 4 May 1912 p. 21

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