SS United States Passenger List - 15 May 1924


Front Cover, Cabin Passenger List from the SS United States of the Scandinavian America Line, Departing 15 May 1924 from Copenhagen to New York.

Front Cover, Cabin Passenger List from the SS United States of the Scandinavian America Line, Departing 15 May 1924 from Copenhagen to Halifax and New York, Commanded by Captain V. Voldrorg. GGA Image ID # 14060fb52c


Senior Officers and Staff

  • Captain: V. Voldborg
  • First Officer: G. C. C. Meyer
  • Chief Engineer: P. H. Jocobsen
  • Physician: Dr. C. M. Norman Hansen
  • Purser: A. Henriksen
  • Chief Steward: A. Lyngbye


Cabin Passengers

  1. Miss Nielsine Andersen
  2. Miss Wanda Andersen
  3. Mr. Lewis Anderson
  4. Mr. Per Andersson
  5. Miss Helene Blichfeldt
  6. Miss Thora Christensen
  7. Mr. Erik Christiansen
  8. Mr. Erik Briand Clausen
  9. Miss Mette Clausen
  10. Miss Cerda Christensen
  11. Mr. Henry Davidsen
  12. Mrs. Hilma Dheine
  13. Mr. Johannes Egelund Nielsen
  14. Miss Bodil Froslev
  15. Miss Carla Flindt
  16. Mr. Kapelmester Jacob Gade
  17. Miss Marie Grande
  18. Mr. Konsul David Mac Goman
  19. Mr. Garrick B. Mac Gowan
  20. Miss Margret Hjertsen
  21. Mr. A. Nielsen Host
  22. Miss Delhi Hansen
  23. Mrs. Ellen Hamilton-Roome
  24. Howard Hamilton-Roome
  25. Miss Dagny Henriksen
  26. Mr. Otto Anton Horn
  27. Mr. Waino Ikonen
  28. Mrs. Kristine Jensen
  29. Miss Hedvig Jensen
  30. Mrs. Trine Jacobsen
  31. Mr. Carl Jacobsen
  32. Mr. Holger Jensen
  33. Mrs. Olga Jensen
  34. Mr. Jens Jensen Bogeskov
  35. Mrs. Karen Jensen Bogeskov
  36. Mr. Clas Johnson
  37. Mr. Emil Kalhauge
  38. Mr. E. Leidermann
  39. Mrs. H. Leidermann
  40. Mr. Poul Lumbye
  41. Mrs. Edith Lumbye
  42. Aase Lumbye
  43. Betty Lumbye
  44. Mr. Lust Laursen
  45. Mrs. Ane Laursen
  46. Mr. Anton P. Lauritzen
  47. Mrs. Anna Moller
  48. Mr. Ivar Malmberg
  49. Miss Anna Moller
  50. Mrs. Dagmar Madsen
  51. Miss Elizabeth Mackie
  52. Miss Helga Nielsen
  53. Miss Kristiane Norremose
  54. Mrs. Elsa Odgaard
  55. Miss Olga Persson
  56. Mrs. Karen Petersen
  57. Miss Johanne Pedersen
  58. Mr. P. J. Pedersen
  59. Mrs. Marie Pedersen
  60. Mr. Carl Petersen
  61. Mrs. Karen Petersen
  62. Miss Aase Ritzau
  63. Miss Anna Schou
  64. Miss Gladys Stephens
  65. Miss Marie Sorensen
  66. Mr. Cari Hammer Schroeder
  67. Mrs. Petrine Sode
  68. Mr. Jens Sahl
  69. Mr. Charley Vorm
  70. Mr. Amphiloy Vaculsky
  71. Mr. W. K. Winterhalter
  72. Mr. Carl Youngman



  1. Mrs. Aasta Edström
  2. Miss Eira Edström
  3. Mr. John Heiner
  4. Mrs. Adine Heiner
  5. Mr. 73Reynor Heiner
  6. Mr. Axel Kallenbach Pedersen
  7. Miss Marja Kolis
  8. Mr. Per Nordan
  9. Miss Julie Org
  10. Miss Feliksa Prostko
  11. Miss Reel Work


Information for Passengers

A bugle is sounded half an hour before and at the beginning of each meal.

  • Breakfast from 8:00 am to 9:30 am
  • Bouillon at 11:30 am (served on deck)
  • Second Breakfast at 12:30 p.m   
  • Dinner at 1:00 pm
  • Coffee at 3:30 pm (served in dining room)
  • Tea at 9:30 p. m.

The Bar opens, after departure from port, from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm

Lights are extinguished in the Music Saloon at 11:00 pm and in the Smoke Boom 11:30 pm

Seats at Table can be arranged for through the Chief Steward in charge. If two sittings are necessary, children paying half fare take their meals at the first sitting.

Passengers berthed in cabins Nos 1 — 30 are preferably entitled to seats in Dining Saloon A.

Baggage. Questions relating to baggage should be referred to the Deck Officer in charge, who is the Ship’s Baggage Master. Baggage marked “Wanted” is placed in the Baggage room, where Passengers will have access to it from 10 to 11:30 am and from 3 to 4:00 pm daily.

Valuables. In the Purser's Office the Company has provided a safe in which Passengers may deposit money or other valuables for safe-keeping. As the Company makes no charge for taking care of such articles during the voyage, no responsibility can be accepted for possible loss or damage however such may arise, but Passengers can protect themselves by insurance. The Company is not liable to the Passengers for the loss of valuables kept in the cabins.

Exchange of Money. For the convenience of the Passengers the Purser is prepared to exchange a limited amount of Foreign Money and will give due notice when the Exchange will be open.

Travelers Cheques are accepted in payment of accounts, but the Pursers do not always carry funds to enable them to cash same.

Deck Chairs can be rented from the Deck Steward at a charge of $1.00 each for the voyage.

Steamer Rugs can be rented from the Deck Steward at a charge of $ .00 each for the voyage.

Library. Books can be obtained on applying to the Library Steward.

Physician and Nurse. A Physician and Trained Nurse are in attendance during the voyage. Medicine will be provided free. The Doctor's office is open from 11 to 12 am and from 4 to 5:00 pm

Baths. Baths for ladies can be ordered from the Stewardess: baths for gentlemen can be ordered from the Barber.

Telegrams to be dispatched from the first port of call are accepted by the Purser or Chief Steward.

Recovery of U. S. Head Tax.

This Tax can be recovered by passengers, if same has been paid, provided they inform the U. S. Immigration Inspector on arrival at New York of their intention to leave the United States within sixty days (the time prescribed by U. S. law), and obtain from him Transit Certificate Form 514.

It is also necessary for Transit Certificate Form 514 to he handed to the transportation company when completed, in time to allow same to be placed before the immigration Authorities in Washington within 120 days of passenger’s arrival in the United States.

Unless this regulation is complied with, the Tax cannot be recovered.


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