SS United States Passenger List - 12 December 1922

Front Cover, Scandinavian-American Line SS United States Cabin Class Passenger List - 12 December 1922.

Front Cover of a Cabin Passenger List for the SS United States of the Scandinavian America Line, Departing 12 December 1922 from Copenhagen to New York, Commanded by Captain V. Voldborg. GGA Image ID # 1405f310e9


Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: V. Voldborg
  2. First Officer: G. C. C. Meyer
  3. Chief Engineer: E. Huusom
  4. Physician: C. M. Norman-Hansenj
  5. Purser: Corri Petersen
  6. Chief Steward: A. Lyngbye


Cabin Passengers

  1. Mrs. Marie Ammentorp
  2. Mr. James Andersen
  3. Miss Karin Andersson
  4. Miss Anna M. Andersen
  5. Miss Anna Andersen
  6. Miss Kirsten Andreasen
  7. Mrs. Hedwig Bielert
  8. Miss Katharyn Baldwin
  9. Mr. Max Breining
  10. Mr. Hugo Birkedahl
  11. Mrs. Charlotte Bordie
  12. Mr. Director Carleton Balzer
  13. Miss Johanna Carlstedt
  14. Miss Hansine Christensen
  15. Miss Daisy Dame
  16. Mr. Johan Erikson
  17. Miss Karen Frederiksen
  18. Szima Gorelik
  19. Mrs. Karoline Greimel
  20. Miss Martha Gabrielson
  21. John Granberg
  22. Mr. Goralski
  23. Mr. Direktør Harth Olsen
  24. Mrs. Kirstine Højsgaard
  25. Mr. Jørgen Hoick
  26. Miss Anna Hult
  27. Mr. Fritz Håkansson
  28. Miss Ruth Håkansson
  29. Miss Eva Johnson
  30. Mr. Lars Jensen
  31. Mr. Niels Brodersen Jensen
  32. Miss Saima Jarvinen
  33. Mr. Ludwig Kett
  34. Mr. Franz Kett
  35. Miss Liba Krentzel
  36. Mr. Hans Kok Hansen
  37. Miss Aino Kokkinen
  38. Mr. Erich Kolassa
  39. Miss Gertrude Løwgren
  40. Mr. John Lundquist
  41. Mr. Erik Petterson Liberg
  42. Mrs. Helen Lahtinen
  43. Barn Lahtinen
  44. Miss Erika Lohmann
  45. Miss Marie Lundquist
  46. Miss Minnie Lintunen
  47. Mr. M. Laitner
  48. Mrs. Laitner
  49. Mrs. Ane Lau
  50. Mr. Nils Larson
  51. Miss Esther Lindstrøm
  52. Mr. Lammi
  53. Mrs. Lammi
  54. Mr. Peder Madsen
  55. Mr. Aron Moberg
  56. Mrs. Emilie Malmlof
  57. Violet Malmlof
  58. Wallace Malmlof
  59. Miss Agnete Mathiasen
  60. Mr. Barrister Th. Mikkelsen
  61. Mrs. Pauline Mikkelsen
  62. Mrs. Mach
  63. Mr. Kai Nielsen
  64. Mrs. Agnethe Nielsen
  65. Miss Paula Nielsen
  66. Mr. Robert Nielsen
  67. Mr. André Olsen
  68. Miss Fanny Olsen
  69. Miss Ane Pedersen
  70. Mr. Piotrowski
  71. Mrs. Piotrowski
  72. Miss Ane Nielsen Præst
  73. Miss Hilja Pesonen
  74. Mrs. Gitel Peres
  75. Leiser Peres
  76. Bertha Peres
  77. Miss Ella Ryder
  78. Mrs. Oda Rosener
  79. Grethe Rosener
  80. Johnna Rosener
  81. Barn Rosener
  82. Mr. Thomas Ranchie
  83. Mrs. Louise Reckin
  84. Mrs. Elizabeth Seacord
  85. Mrs. Johanne Sørensen
  86. Mr. Emil Strandberg
  87. Lloyd Strandberg
  88. Mrs. Ester Schultz
  89. Mr. Hans Sinding
  90. Mrs. Caroline Sinding
  91. Mrs. Ebba Steckel
  92. Charles Steckel
  93. Mr. Ernst Schuh
  94. Mrs. lverine Schuh
  95. Ernst Schuh
  96. Mr. William Topp
  97. Mr. Hugo Tornagel
  98. Mrs. Mary Volk
  99. Miss Wilhelmine Werdelmann
  100. Mrs. Elsa Wohrmann
  101. Mrs. Bertha Wilkenfeldt
  102. Miss Lulu Wilkenfeldt
  103. Miss Anastazja Zuchowski
  104. Miss Olga Zuchowski
  105. Mr. Charles Zoch


Additional Cabin Passengers

  1. Mr. Franciszek Antecki
  2. Miss Victoria Barcik
  3. Mr. Leopold Bare
  4. Miss Marja Brzezinska
  5. Mr. Cai Brock Helsingør
  6. Ms. Helga Christensen
  7. Mr. Rudolf Cwertnia
  8. Mrs. Marya Cwertnia
  9. Kazimiera Cwertnia
  10. Mr. Leon Drzewjeski
  11. Mrs. Josefa Durajska
  12. Miss Antonia Donczalska
  13. Miss Sosche Elkind
  14. Mrs. Eugenja Exner
  15. Mrs. Ida Enbergh
  16. Mr. Stanislaw Fawerski
  17. Mr. Franciszek Fidler
  18. Mr. Stanislaw Golysniak
  19. Mrs. Fr.mciszek Gorczynska
  20. Edmund Gorczynska
  21. Miss Anna Galant
  22. Mr. Jankiel Gelermann
  23. Miss Eva Grodzka
  24. Mr. Andrzei Glass
  25. Miss Rosalja Hartung
  26. Mr. Arthur Jensen
  27. Mrs. Frida Jensen
  28. Aase Jensen
  29. Miss Bronislawa Janiga
  30. Mrs. Marya Jarzembowska
  31. Feonja Jarzembowska
  32. Brumon Jarzembowska
  33. Miss Marja Jacion
  34. Mrs. Emilja Jacob
  35. Mr. Michail Kozub
  36. Mrs. Katarzyna Kozub
  37. Jan Kozub
  38. Marya Kozub
  39. Mrs. Petronela Kobylanska
  40. Wanda Kobylanska
  41. Mrs. Kazimiera Kubiak
  42. Janina Kubiak
  43. Waclaw Kubiak
  44. Mr. Stanislaw Kaczor
  45. Mrs. Agata Kaczor
  46. Jozef Kotarski
  47. Mrs. Marya Kaminska
  48. Rysard Kaminska
  49. Jerzy Kaminska
  50. Henryk Kaminska
  51. Mr. Czeslaw Kaminski
  52. Mrs. Franciszka Kasprzak
  53. John Kasprzak
  54. Felix Kasprzak
  55. Mrs. Fanny Lund
  56. Mrs. Anastazia Nowicka
  57. Miss Nielsine Olsen
  58. Mr. Stor Sven Olsson
  59. Mr. Antoni Orlowski
  60. Mrs. Teodozja Orlowski
  61. Miss Zofja Orlowski
  62. Miss Jozefa Orlowski
  63. Miss Asta Russel Petersen
  64. Mr. Teofil Przeworski
  65. Mrs. Rose Polczynski
  66. Mrs. Stefanja Puszko
  67. Jan Puszko
  68. Mr. Franciszek Pawula
  69. Mrs. Anieta Stachnik
  70. Mr. Jan Sadlo
  71. Mrs. Rosalja Szlaga
  72. Mr. Ignacy Staszewski
  73. Mrs. Bronislawa Stefanska
  74. Ibigniew Stefanska
  75. Tadeusz Stefanska
  76. Mrs. Katarzyna Sznaider
  77. Miss Wladyslawa Sznaider
  78. Janina Sznaider
  79. Mrs. Czeslawa Szyjewska
  80. Janina Szyjewska
  81. Leopold Szyjewska
  82. Czeslaw Szyjewska
  83. Mr. Gustaf Svensson
  84. Mr. Erik Nils Sellén
  85. Jozef Stachnich
  86. John Stachnich
  87. Kaziemierz Stachnich
  88. Mr. Nuchim Teichmann
  89. Mrs. Jozefa Vanksionowska
  90. Anna Vanksionowska
  91. Mr. Kaziemircz Zimbowicz
  92. Mrs. Marya Zarczycka
  93. Mr. Ignacy Zurawik
  94. Mrs. Matylda Zurawik
  95. Helena Zurawik
  96. Tadeusz Zurawik
  97. Mr. Franciszek Ziemba
  98. Mrs. Jadwiga Ziemba


Information for Cabin Passengers

A bugle is sounded half an hour before and at the beginning of each meal.

  • Breakfast from 8 to 9.30 am
  • Bouillon at 11:30 am (served on deck)
  • Second Breakfast at 12.30 pm
  • Dinner at 6:00 pm
  • Coffee at 3.30 pm (served in dining room)
  • Tea at 9.30 pm

The Bar opens, after departure from port, from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm

Lights are extinguished in the Music Saloon at 11:00 pm and in the Smoking Room 11:30 pm

Seats at Table can be arranged for through the Chief Steward in charge. If two sittings are necessary, children paying half fare take their meals at the second sitting.

Baggage. Questions relating to baggage should be referred to the Deck Officer in charge, who is the Ship’s Baggage Master. Baggage marked “Wanted” is placed in the Baggage room, where Passengers will have access to it from 10 to 11:30 am and from 3 to 4:00 pm daily.

Valuables. In the Purser’s Office the Company has provided a safe in which Passengers may deposit money or other valuables for safe-keeping. As the Company makes no charge for taking care of such articles during the voyage, no responsibility can he accepted for possible loss or damage however such may arise, but Passengers can protect themselves by insurance. The Company is not liable to the Passengers for the loss of valuables kept in the cabins.

Exchange of Money. For the convenience of the Passengers the Purser is prepared to exchange a limited amount of Foreign Money and will give due notice when the Exchange will be open.

Travelers Cheques are accepted in payment of accounts, but the Pursers do not alvays carry funds to enable them to cash same.

Deck Chairs can be rented from the Deck Steward at a charge of $ 1.00 each for the voyage.

Steamer Rugs can be rented from the Deck Steward at a charge of $ 1.00 each for the voyage.

Library. Books can be obtained on applying to the Library Steward.

Physician and Nurse. A Physician and Trained Nurse are in attendance during the voyage. Medicine will be provided free. The Doctor’s office is open from 11:00 am to 12 noon and from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Baths. Baths for ladies can be ordered from the Stewardess; baths for gentlemen can be ordered from the Barber

Telegrams to be dispatched from the first port of call are accepted by the Purser or Chief Steward.

Recovery of U. S. Head Tax.

This Tax can be recovered by passengers, if same has been paid, provided they inform the U. S. Immigration Inspector on arrival at New York of their intention to leave the United States within sixty days (the time prescribed by U. S. law), and obtain from him Transit Certificate Form 514.

It is also necessary for Transit Certificate Form 514 to be handed to the transportation company when completed, in time to allow same to be placed before the Immigration Authorities in Washington within 120 days of passenger’s arrival in the United States.

Unless this regulation is complied with, the Tax cannot be recovered.


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