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SS City of Berlin Passenger List - 11 September 1889

Front Cover of a Second Cabin Passenger List from the SS City of Berlin of the Inman Line, Departing 11 September 1889 from Liverpool to New York.

Front Cover of a Second Cabin Passenger List from the SS City of Berlin of the Inman Line, Departing 11 September 1889 from Liverpool to New York, Commanded by Captain Francis S. Land. GGA Image ID # 15d9a1e29f


Senior Officers and Staff

  • Captain: Francis S. Land

Second Cabin Passengers

  1. Miss Gerda Ahstrom
  2. Miss M. Akcrlund
  3. Miss Ilulda Anderson
  4. Mr James Andrews
  5. Mrs Agnes Andrews
  6. Mrs Aspinwall
  7. Miss Maud Aspinwall
  8. Miss Tillie Aspinwall
  9. Master W. A. Aspinwall
  10. Mr Romon Azogue
  11. Mr A. A. Babcock
  12. Miss M. Barnett
  13. Miss Anna Bendrot
  14. Mrs Kennett
  15. Master R. W. Bennett
  16. Mr Leonard Bolger
  17. Mrs F. Bolger
  18. Mr M. Bolger
  19. Mr H. G. Blat
  20. Mr G. Bradt
  21. Mrs A. M. Brown
  22. Miss Eliza J. Bryan
  23. Miss Bridget Burns
  24. Miss Alice Butler
  25. Mrs Bunting
  26. Master Ernest Bunting
  27. Miss Annie Bunting
  28. Master Frank Bunting, Infant, and Nurse
  29. Mr A. Calder
  30. Mr foseph Cameron
  31. Mrs Isabella Cameron
  32. Miss Annie Cameron
  33. Mr Philip Carpenter
  34. Mrs Eliza Carpenter
  35. Mrs Margt. Carey
  36. Miss M. A. Carey
  37. Mr J. T. Carter
  38. Miss Delia Canfield
  39. Mrs Salina Cooper
  40. Mrs lily Cole
  41. Mrs C. Clarke
  42. Miss Agnes Clarke
  43. Miss May Clarke
  44. Mr J. H. Chase
  45. Mrs Combellack
  46. Miss Ella Combellack
  47. Master Birt Combellack and Infant
  48. Miss Cronin
  49. Mr W. H. Cox
  50. Mr W. J. Cozens
  51. Mrs Cozens
  52. Mr E. J. Cuff
  53. Mr Dawson
  54. Miss Dawson
  55. Mrs G. Edge
  56. Mr Jno. Elscombe
  57. Mrs Elscombe
  58. Mr Thos. Elscombe
  59. Miss M. Klsass
  60. Mr G. L. English
  61. Mrs English and Child
  62. Mr G. Epworth
  63. Mrs Mary Egan
  64. Miss Jane Egan
  65. Mrs Anna Ericson
  66. Mr D. A. Evans
  67. Miss Margt. Farragher
  68. Miss Cath. Farragher
  69. Master John Jas. Fearon
  70. Mrs M. A. Fletcher
  71. Miss B. Flood Miss J. Flood
  72. Miss Mgt. Flood
  73. Miss Celia Foley
  74. Mr Frank A. Forloni
  75. Mrs Forloni
  76. Master Vincent Forloni
  77. Miss Louise Forloni
  78. Miss Alice Forloni
  79. Mr W. A. Garrett
  80. Mrs E. Garrett
  81. Mrs Win Gaslin
  82. Mr Harry B. Gibbs
  83. Mrs Emily Gibbs
  84. Master Frank Gibbs
  85. Master Edw-in Gibbs
  86. Miss Mary Gilfeather
  87. Mr M. Gleeson
  88. Mr George Granil
  89. Miss Grant
  90. Mr Ben Greaves
  91. Miss Teresa Griffin
  92. Monsieur Emile Hauet
  93. Mr Henry Hanna
  94. Mrs Rachel Hanna
  95. Mr B. Harris
  96. Miss M. Harris
  97. Miss Iva Haskell
  98. Mrs Susanah Haynes
  99. Mrs K. Hazelett
  100. Mr James Hesketh
  101. Mrs Hesketh
  102. Mrs Catherine Higney
  103. Mrs Cath. Hyney
  104. Mr J H Hodges
  105. Mr Hocking
  106. Mrs Hocking
  107. Mrs Sofie Holmberg
  108. Mrs Rachel Holmes
  109. Miss Bertha Holmes
  110. Mr Thomas Hopley
  111. Mr F. Horn
  112. Mr T. O. Hughes
  113. Mrs Hughes
  114. Mr Thos. Hunt
  115. Mr Thomas Hurd
  116. Mr J. M. Huston
  117. Mr Edward Hunt
  118. Miss Ingborg
  119. Miss Honor Insull
  120. Mr Joseph M. Jenkins
  121. Mr George Joachim
  122. Miss Cath. Joachim
  123. Mrs Emma Kelly
  124. Miss Mary A. Kelly
  125. Mr J. S. Kernacher
  126. Miss Harriet Knox
  127. Miss Eleanor Key
  128. Mrs Lambourne, Child, and Infant
  129. Dr Oliver Leonida
  130. Mme. Paoli Leonida
  131. Mr Lane
  132. Miss B. A. Liable
  133. Miss Le-Briton
  134. Mr G. Le-Brun
  135. Mr J. L. Ludlam
  136. Mrs Mary Lynch
  137. Miss Ellen Malmborg
  138. Miss Sarah Mansfield
  139. Mr G Marshall
  140. Mr C. D. Maxwell
  141. Miss McLaughlin
  142. Mr Robert Melville
  143. Miss A. Mitchell
  144. Mr J. Morgan
  145. Mrs J. E Morgan
  146. Mr L. V. Moore
  147. Mrs Moore
  148. Master B. Moore
  149. Mrs Morland
  150. Miss Ruth Morland
  151. Miss Edne Morland
  152. Miss Marie Morland and Infant
  153. Mrs R. H. Morrison
  154. Miss Susan Mullay
  155. Miss Lizzie Mullay
  156. Mr Thos. Murray
  157. Mr James Murray
  158. Mrs McAlinden
  159. Miss Ann McCahy
  160. Mrs Nellie McNaughton
  161. Mr A McNaughton
  162. Mr Wm. Owens
  163. Master Thos. Owens
  164. Miss Julia O'Connor
  165. Miss Ellen O'Connor
  166. Miss M. O'Hara
  167. Mr Jos. Partington
  168. Mrs Mary Pedrette
  169. Master Joseph Pedrette
  170. Master Edward Pedrette
  171. Mrs J. H. Pennell
  172. Mr Thos. Plant
  173. Mrs Ellen Playford
  174. Mrs K. Pool
  175. Mr A. J. Pullen
  176. Mr John Purcell
  177. Mr Thos. Quirk
  178. Miss Alice Quirk
  179. Mr Morgan Richards
  180. Mr James Ritchie
  181. Mr J. G. Robinson
  182. Mrs Robinson
  183. Mr Henry Rooney
  184. Mrs Rooney
  185. Mr O. F. Rooney
  186. Mrs C. Rowe
  187. Mrs Ruthvem
  188. Master Jack Ruthvem
  189. Miss Amy Rmthven
  190. Miss Nellie Ruthvem
  191. Miss Mabel Ruthvem
  192. Mrs Aloys Schmolke
  193. Mr G. Schorr
  194. Mrs Mary A. Schuyler
  195. Miss Mannie Sheridan
  196. Miss Kate Simon
  197. Miss E. Singleton
  198. Mr John Smith
  199. Mr Harry Snyder
  200. Mr H. Stenstorm
  201. Miss Marian Stitt
  202. Miss Annie Tattersall
  203. Mr John Thompson
  204. Miss Mary Tute
  205. Mr F. J. Utley
  206. Mr H. Von Hofstein
  207. Dr J. Walanabe
  208. Mrs Walsh
  209. Mr Weber
  210. Miss Lilian A. Webb
  211. Miss Amanda Whalstrom
  212. Mrs Hannah White
  213. Mr J. W. Whitehead
  214. Mrs Whitney
  215. Master G. Whitney and Infant
  216. Mrs M. Wentmore
  217. Mr Allan Williams
  218. Mrs Williams and Infant
  219. Mr David C. Williams
  220. Mrs E. J. Williams
  221. Miss Williams
  222. Mrs R Williams
  223. Mr John Winters
  224. Miss Isabel Wood
  225. Miss E. Woolward
  226. Mr Julius G. Weygendt


On the Back Cover

The Inman & International Steam Ship Company's New Steamers - City of New York & City of Paris, 10,500 Tons

The Inman & International Steam Ship Company's New Steamers - City of New York & City of Paris, 10,500 Tons on the Back Cover, SS City of Berlin Passenger List, 11 September 1889. GGA Image ID # 15da5bf5bb


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