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SS City of Newport News Passenger List - 11 April 1938

Front Cover - 11 April 1938 Passenger List, SS City of Newport News, Baltimore Mail Line

Front Cover of an Annotated Passenger List for the SS City of Newport News of the Baltimore Mail Line, Departing 11 April 1938 from Bremen to Norfolk and Baltimore via Southampton, Commanded by Captain Robert H. Wright. GGA Image ID # 1739d41d7e

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: Robert H. Wright, Lt. Cmdr., U.S.N.R
  2. Chief Engineer : J. F. Stawicke, Lt., U. S. N. R
  3. Chief Officer : G. A. Vickers, Lt., U.S.N.R
  4. Purser: Harry Ketels
  5. Surgeon: John H. King, M.D
  6. Chief Steward: E. Urbanski

List of Passengers

  1. Mr. F. Messing
    ($80.00 liquor bill)
  2. Mrs. A. E. Cox
  3. Mrs. Wm. Page Dame
    (Sheer Misery)
  4. Mrs. Eliz. Lee Dame
    (Sheer Misery)
  5. Miss Ada Dean
  6. Mr. G. Ph. Derr
  7. Miss Maria Dmbnik
  8. Mr. H. Errol-Johnson
  9. Mrs. Errol-Johnson
  10. Mr. Ed. Fenimore
    (Turkey - King George)
  11. Mrs. L. M. Grigg
    (Griffis L)
  12. Miss C. L. Grigg
    (Griffis L)
  13. Mr. F. G. Hejduk
    (Turkey "Call a Cab")
  14. [Sam Insul (Cross Old Bear)]
  15. Mr. N. G. Jenkins
  16. Mr. J. R. Kidner
  17. Mrs. Kidner
  18. Miss L. T. LeBel
    (Lois - cute)
  19. Mr. H. M. MacGregor
  20. Mrs. MacGregor
    (A Mess)
  21. Mrs. W. G. McQuinn
    (German Bride)
  22. Mr. Wood Miller
  23. Mr. Henry B. Mostyn
  24. Mrs. Mostyn
  25. Mr. W. A. Nixon
    (Cyrano de Bergerac)
  26. Mr. Frederic C. Rawson
    (Bar Tender's Name?)
  27. Mrs. Rawson
  28. Mrs. E. Reed
  29. Master Dale Ree
    (Head Beater?)
  30. Mr. James P. Roberts
    (Pop-eye / Ping - Pong -- Panama)
  31. Mrs. Roberts
  32. Mrs. H. E. Robinson
  33. Mrs. Leopold Roesler
    (German -- Your Bath is Ready)
  34. Master Albert Roesler
  35. Mr. Ernest Roschen
  36. Mrs. Roschen (T.B. ?)
  37. Mrs. Herbert Smith
    (Am I Bothering You?)
  38. Mr. Casimir Soron
  39. Dr. Paul H. Stevenson
    (St. Louis - Washington Univ.)
  40. Mrs. Stevenson
    (Hirum? College)
  41. Mr. Henning Warnecke
    (Uncle Henry "A Egg")
  42. Mr. J. Wilkie
  43. Mr. J. F. Ylvisaker
    (Missionery family from South Africa - "Nice")
  44. Mrs. Ylvisaker
  45. Miss Heloise Ylvisaker
  46. Miss Ruth Ylvisaker
  47. Mr. John Ylvisaker

(Ylvisaker - Pronounce this ... Sounds like what the missionaries go over to convert.)

This Passenger List was annotated by an unidentified passenger on the voyage and included to provide one perspective on that voyage and the Passengers.

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