SS City of Hamburg Passenger List - 24 November 1934

Front Cover, SS City of Hamburg Passenger List from the Baltimore Mail Line Dated 24 November 1934.

Front Cover of a Passenger List for the SS City of Hamburg of the Baltimore Mail Line, Departing 24 November 1934 from Bremen to Norfolk and Baltimore via Le Havre, Commanded by Captain Joseph E. Lee. GGA Image ID # 13b4f345d6

List of Senior Officers

  1. Commander : Joseph E. Lee, Lt. U. S. N. R
  2. Chief Engineer: Louis Augustine, Lt, Cmdr., U. S. N. R
  3. Chief Officer: J. E. Frawley
  4. Purser: Aubrey Behenna
  5. Surgeon: Wilbur B. Davis, M.D.
  6. Chief Steward: Hans Gevert

List of Passengers

  1. Mr. Philander Briscoe *
  2. Mrs. Briscoe *
  3. Mr. Henry Doggweiler
  4. Dr. J. H. Foxwerthy *
  5. Mrs. Foxwerthy *
  6. Mrs. Charlotte Jetter *
  7. Master Wolfgang Jetter *
  8. Miss Barbara Jetter *
  9. Mr. Georges Lang
  10. Mr. Alfred H. Leja *
  11. Mrs. Leja *
  12. Mrs. B. Mattes
  13. Mr. D. Piarrateguey
  14. Mrs. Piarrateguey
  15. Miss Helen Scott
  16. Mrs. G. F. Sharp
  17. Miss Mary Sharp
  18. Mr. B. K. *Stuber
  19. Mrs. Sruber *
  20. Mrs. P. K. Whelpton
  21. Master Jabez Whelpton
  22. Miss Julia Wood

*Embarking at Bremen.

Additional Passengers

  1. Mrs. M. Browder
  2. K. H. Haiss
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