SS Gripsholm Passenger List - 22 October 1953


Front Cover of a First Class Passenger List from the SS Gripsholm of the Swedish American Line, Departing 22 October 1953 from Gothenburg To New York

Front Cover of a First Class Passenger List from the SS Gripsholm of the Swedish American Line, Departing 22 October 1953 from Gothenburg To New York, Commanded by Captain S. ERICSON. GGA Image ID # 1f423a84f3


Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Commander: S. ERICSON
  2. Chief Officer: H. G. SCHOUGH
  3. Chief Engineer:  E. TOLL
  4. Chief Purser: H. BILÉN
  5. Assistant Purser: C. DAWE
  6. Cashier: T. ODENLUND
  7. Information Officer: R. ESSÉN
  8. Chief Steward First Class: A. PERSSON
  9. Ship's Doctor: S. TÖRNQVIST


First Class Passengers

  1. Aarnio, Mrs. Sylvia       
  2. Aarnio, Master Paul     
  3. Aarnio, Miss Kirsti         
  4. Abel. Mr. Albert 
  5. Alfredsson, Miss Marianne
  6. Améen, Mrs. Margit      
  7. Andersen, Mrs. Elfrida
  8. Anderson, Mrs. Augusta
  9. Anderson, Miss Ebba   
  10. Anderson, Miss Ella     
  11. Andersson, Mr. John    
  12. Barklund, Mr. Bo-Erik
  13. Bengtsson, Mr. Karl      
  14. Bengtsson, Mrs.
  15. Berg, Mr. Andrew          
  16. Berg, Mrs.
  17. Bird, Mr. Viggo   
  18. Bird, Mrs.
  19. Borgvall, Miss Ulla        
  20. Boyd, Mr. Lars   
  21. Boyd, Mrs.          
  22. Boyd, Master John       
  23. Boyd, Miss Janet          
  24. Broches. Mr. Aleksander
  25. Broches, Mrs.
  26. Brown, Miss Betty
  27. Buchsbaum, Mr. Abraham
  28. Buchsbaum, Mrs.
  29. Carlson, Mrs. Clara      
  30. Casten-Carlberg, Mrs. Dorothy
  31. Cedvander, Mr. Eric
  32. Drensike, Mrs. Kaethe
  33. Eklund, Mr. Ernst          
  34. Erneman, Mrs. Harriet  
  35. Ertlov, Miss Ella
  36. Fanelly, Mr. Robert       
  37. Fleisher, Mr. Eric           
  38. Fleisher, Mrs.     
  39. Fleisher, Miss Susanne           
  40. Forsmark, Miss Eva      
  41. Forstrom. Mr. Edward  
  42. Forstrom, Mrs.   
  43. Franitza, Miss llmi         
  44. Göransson, Miss Karin
  45. Hagen, Bishop Odd      
  46. Hagen, Mrs.        
  47. Hall, Mr. Gösta   
  48. Hall, Mrs. 
  49. Hermelin, Countess Gunhild
  50. Holmbratt, Mr. Johan   
  51. Holst, Mr. Karl    
  52. Holst, Mrs.          
  53. Hultén, Mr. Sven
  54. Hyrup, Mr. Emil 
  55. Hyrup, Mrs.         
  56. Jacobsen, Miss Inger
  57. Janson, Mr. Eric            
  58. Janson, Mrs.
  59. Jansson, Mr. Lennart
  60. Jansson, Mrs.
  61. Jansson, Master Kent
  62. Jensen, Mr. Olvar T.
  63. Johnson, Mrs. Dorothy
  64. Johnson, Mrs. Sigrid
  65. Johnson, Mr. Ake          
  66. Johnson, Mrs.
  67. Johnson, Miss Maud
  68. Johnson, Master Tom
  69. Karell, Consul General Sven
  70. Karell, Mrs.         
  71. Kilpatrick, Prof. Martin  
  72. Kilpatrick, Mrs.   
  73. La Cour Petersen, Mr. Viggo
  74. Liljekvist, Mr. Hans       
  75. Liljekvist, Mrs.    
  76. Liljekvist, Master Hans C.
  77. Liljekvist, Master Hans G.
  78. Lindahl, Mr. Erik
  79. Lunn, Miss Abbi
  80. Macguire, Mrs. Karen   
  81. Malmstrom, Miss Vivian
  82. Matthews, His Exc. Wilmot (Canadian Minister to Sweden)
  83. Matthews, Mrs.  
  84. Matthews, Master Donald
  85. Matthews, Master John
  86. McAllister, Mr. Alfred    
  87. McAllister, Mrs.  
  88. Millo, Mrs. Sylvia           
  89. Modig, Mr. Oscar           
  90. Moberg, Mr. Lennart
  91. Mortensson, Miss Ruth
  92. Nelson, Mr. James        
  93. Nielsen, Captain Charles
  94. Nordin, Rev. Willard
  95. Nordin, Mrs.        
  96. Nordin, Master Timothy
  97. Nordin, Master Roger
  98. Ogren, Mrs. Elizabeth
  99. Ogren, Miss Martha      
  100. Ouren, Mr. Elling    
  101. Petersen, Mr. Frederick
  102. Puening, Mr. Franz 
  103. Puening, Mrs.          
  104. Regne, Mr. Arvid
  105. Rosell, Mrs. Anna
  106. von Rosen, Count Jan Carl
  107. von Rosen, Mrs.      
  108. Ryan, Mr. Edward   
  109. Ryan, Mrs.    
  110. Ryan, Miss Cordelia
  111. Sahlin, Miss Anna                                                   
  112. Sandberg, Mr. David          
  113. Sandberg, Mrs.
  114. Sandberg, Mrs. Karin         
  115. Sandberg, Master Bo         
  116. Sandberg, Miss Birgitta
  117. Scheele, Mr. Albert             
  118. Scheele, Mrs.                       
  119. Stromberg, Miss Doris       
  120. Sundewall, Mr. Henrik        
  121. Torup, Mrs. Inger    
  122. Vogt, Mr. Henry       
  123. Weiden, Miss Goddina
  124. White, Mrs. Ingrid   
  125. Windmiller, Mrs. Ottilie
  126. Winnerstam, Mrs. Eivor
  127. Winnerstam, Master Göran
  128. Winnerstam, Miss Helen


Passenger Information


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For further information please apply for a special folder obtainable at the Purser's Office.


Route Map and Table of Distances, SS Gripsholm First Class Passenger List, 22 October 1953.

Route Map and Table of Distances, SS Gripsholm First Class Passenger List, 22 October 1953. GGA Image ID # 1f424353ea


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