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SS Exeter Passenger List - 13 April 1936

Passenger List, SS Exeter, American Export Lines, 24 March 1936

Front Cover for a Passenger List for the SS Exeter of the American Export Lines, Departing Monday, 13 April 1936 from Beirut for Boston and New York, Commanded by Captain S. F. Ransone. GGA Image ID # 1592bb6222. Alamy

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: S. F. Ransone, Commander
  2. Chief Officer: S. Blackledge
  3. Chief Engineer: F. McCormack
  4. Purser: F. H. Riker
  5. Surgeon: V. W. Manginelli, M.D
  6. Chief Steward: C. A. Rink

List of Passengers for Voyage #32 West

for Boston

  1. Mrs. Mary C. Collar
  2. Mr. Meenah Khoury
  3. Mr. Raymond Fernandez
  4. Mr. Adolf Klau
  5. Mr. Ethelbert Hoyle
  6. Mrs. Mary I. Payson
  7. Mrs. Ethelbert Hoyle
  8. Mr. Rafael Portella
  9. Mrs. Anna G. Jones
  10. Mrs. Anna Thomson

for New York

  1. Mr. Edward Brodstein
  2. Mrs. Mary Barsa
  3. Miss Violet Barsa
  4. Miss Mary C. Barsa
  5. Mrs. Elizabeth Chapman
  6. Miss Agnes Caven
  7. Mrs. Mary Chaffe
  8. Mrs. Emma G. Denbigh
  9. Mr. Henry H. Dodge
  10. Mr. William Ellyson
  11. Mrs. William Ellyson
  12. Mr. Herbert H. Franklin
  13. Mr. Marcelino Garcia
  14. Mrs. Marcelino Garcia
  15. Mr. Livingstone Gordon
  16. Mrs. Livingstone Gordon
  17. Master William Gordon
  18. Master Albert Gordon
  19. Miss Margaret Gordon
  20. W. William Hornibrook
  21. Mrs. William Hornibrook
  22. Miss Frances Hornibrook
  23. Mrs. Mary I. Hayes
  24. Master William C. Hayes
  25. Mrs. Ellen Halsey
  26. Miss Sarah Halsey
  27. Miss Frances Halsey
  28. Miss Jacqueline Halsey
  29. Mr. John E. Harris
  30. Mrs. John E. Harris
  31. Dr. Craig Muckle
  32. Mrs. Lucy McCormack
  33. Mr. Gleb de Rosmaritza-Nowakowitch
  34. Mrs. Sophia de Rosmaritza-Nowakowitch
  35. Mr. Knowlton Mixer
  36. Mrs. Knowlton Mixer
  37. Master Anthony Mixer
  38. Mr. Edward Nathan
  39. Miss Inga Normand
  40. Mr. William C. Newland
  41. Mrs. Evelyn Patterson
  42. Miss Evelyn Patterson
  43. Mr. Roger P. Peyre
  44. Mrs. Clara F. Perry
  45. Mrs. Grace Rudd
  46. Mrs. Martha Ridings
  47. Mrs. Helen P. Robinson
  48. Mr. Albert Stern
  49. Mrs. Albert Stern
  50. Miss Anna Stern
  51. Mrs. Jeannette Speigel
  52. W. J. Linden Smith
  53. Mrs. J. Linden Smith
  54. Mr. William Semple
  55. Miss Lula Stockwell
  56. Miss Dorothy Spooner
  57. Mr. Carlo Tochi
  58. Mrs. Carlo Tochi
  59. Master William Tochi
  60. Miss Helen Vaughn
  61. W. Lazarus White
  62. Mrs. Lazarus White
  63. Mrs. Elizabeth Wurts
  64. Mr. Charles S. Wurts
  65. Mrs. Catherine Wendel

Arrvied at Boston and New York on April 13, 1936


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