SS Excalibur Passenger List - 18 March 1938

Front Cover, Passenger List, American Export Lines, SS Excalibur, 18 March 1938

Front Cover for a One Class Passenger List for the SS Excalibur of the American Export Lines, Departing 18 March 1938 from Genoa to New York, Commanded by Captain S. N. Groves. GGA Image ID # 1593157008

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: S. N. GROVES
  2. Chief Officer: E. S. STEVENS
  3. Second Officer: L. F. NAGEL
  4. Third Officer: A. W. FALLIS
  5. Jr. Third Officer: L. R. SMITH
  6. Chief Engineer: H. SHRINER
  7. 1st Asst. Engineer: W. H. CLAY
  8. 2nd Asst. Engineer: J. FINESTEIN
  9. 3rd Asst. Engineer: W. H. CLAYTON
  10. Jr. 3rd Asst. Engineer: J. YOUNG
  11. Purser: A. CANAVAN
  12. Asst. Purser: W. T. COATES
  13. Surgeon: T. J. COCKERILL
  14. Chief Steward: M. PARMAN
  15. Second Steward: T. J. TAYLOR
  16. Cruise Director: LOUIS C. LARSEN

List of Passengers

  1. Miss Edith E. Allen
  2. Mr. Kenneth E. Agee
  3. Mrs. Louise D. Ambrose
  4. Mrs. Marguerite P. Armes
  5. Mrs. Anna M. Armstrong
  6. Mr. Lewis T. Bennet
  7. Mrs. Lewis T. Bennet
  8. Mrs. Coralyn D. Bertie
  9. Mrs. Florence G. Bishop
  10. Mrs. Clara G. Blumenthal
  11. Mrs. Hilda R. Bowen
  12. Miss Emily R. Bowen
  13. Miss Mary H. Bowen
  14. Mr. Francis X. Cassera
  15. Mrs. Mary C. Chapman
  16. Miss Rose Cohn
  17. Mr. Dana Corbin
  18. Mrs. Dana Corbin
  19. Mr. Randolph Currin
  20. Mrs. Randolph Currin
  21. Master Randolph Currin, Jr.
  22. Mr. Howard C. Davis
  23. Mrs. Howard C. Davis
  24. Miss Rose G. Dee
  25. Mrs. Effie K. Dodgen
  26. Mrs. Erma D. Elliott
  27. Mrs. Martha R. Flinn
  28. Miss Carolyn Franke
  29. Miss Katherine Franke
  30. Mr. Charles R. Gardner
  31. Mrs. Charles R. Gardner
  32. Mrs. Leonora T. Genung
  33. Mr. Erminia Grassi
  34. Mrs. Alice A. Gulda
  35. Miss Louise Gulda
  36. Mrs. Katharine J. Haddad
  37. Mrs. Kathleen Hand
  38. Mr. Samuel Harris
  39. Mrs. Samuel Harris
  40. Mrs. Gratia B. Harrison
  41. Mrs. Hedwig M. Hellmann
  42. Mrs. Mary McK. Hunt
  43. Mrs. Helen R. Kakoyannis
  44. Miss Tarsih Kapetonidu
  45. Mr. William Khachadoorian
  46. Miss Edith D. Lamme
  47. Mrs. Lucy A. W. Leischow
  48. Dr. Isaac E. Levitas
  49. Mrs. Isaac E. Levitas
  50. Mr. Botho Lilienthal
  51. Mrs. Botho Lilienthal
  52. Mr. Robert G. McGregor, Jr.
  53. Miss Alta McIntyre
  54. Mr. Victor Misrachi
  55. Mrs. Victor Misrachi
  56. Miss Mary E. Mosher
  57. Mr. Robert Mountsier
  58. Mrs. Emma L. Nason
  59. Mrs. Dorothy Olin
  60. Dr. James A. O’Reilly
  61. Mrs. James A. O’Reilly
  62. Mrs. Sara M. Orton
  63. Dr. Harry P. Packard
  64. Mrs. Harry P. Packard
  65. Master Linzee W. Packard
  66. Miss Margaret J. Packard
  67. Mr. Swen F. Parson
  68. Miss Edna S. Pierce
  69. Miss Sarah R. Rader
  70. Mrs. Hilda P. Robbins
  71. Miss Eloise F. Roe
  72. Miss Elaine J. Ross
  73. Miss Amalie P. Scharnberg
  74. Mrs. Beatrice W. Sherman
  75. Miss Mary F. Shirley
  76. Mr. A. D. Sittler
  77. Miss Gertrude E. Starks
  78. Miss Birdie R. Sunstein
  79. Mrs. Carolyne J. Swift
  80. Mr. William C. Theleman
  81. Mrs. William C. Theleman
  82. Miss Caroline H. Trautwein
  83. Mrs. Mary H. Trautwein

Date Source: 1938-03-18 Passage Contract No. 23247 American Export Lines For Mrs. F. Gardner Bishop, From Genoa to New York on the SS Excalibur, Voyage 47 Sailing 18 March 1938 at 6 PM Room A51, Berth C, Basis 2. Passage Paid $160 +$4 Tax Total Fare $164. Contract from the Immigration Collection of the Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives.


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