Transmittal for Payment of Adjusted Service Bonds - 1936

The Secretary of the Treasury


To the Veteran:

With this please find Adjusted Service Bonds of the United States registered in your name, together with check on the Treasurer of the United States, all listed below, issued in payment of the amount due on your Adjusted Service Certificate as certified by the Administrator of Veterans' Affairs and in accordance with the provisions of the Adjusted Compensation Payment Act, 1936.

Please verify the bonds and check against the list and if they do not agree, report the discrepancy at once to the Treasury Department, Division of Loans and Currency, Washington, D.C.

For your information, there is enclosed a copy of Treasury Department Circular No. 560 [dated June 6, 1936], governing Adjusted Service Bonds. This circular gives instructions regarding payment of the bonds to the registered owner, or, in case of his death or incompetence, to the representative of his estate, and alsogives instructions for action to be taken in case of loss or destruction of the bonds. It is suggested that you retain this circular for future reference.

Very truly yours,

/s/ Henry Morgenthaw Jr.

Secretary of the Treasury

Ludvig K Gjenvick a-3265663
1915 West Broadway
Minneapolis Minn


14 Adjusted Service Bonds Serial Nos. 1,134,562 - 1,134,575 $ 700.00
Check on Treasurer U.S. No. 89,271 $ 40.16
Total Amount $ 740.16

Registry No. A 97,353 Item No. 71 Vou. No. 9-1020 Treas. Case No. 978

Form P. D. 1484 ABC

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