Minnesota Application for Soldiers' Bonus - 1919

The State of Minnesota provided a bonus to Soldiers who were residents of the State of Minnesota at the time they were drafted / enlisted into service of $15 per month for service between 6 April 1917 and 30 July 1921. The final date for filing claims was 30 June 1924.

43 Questions on the Minnesota Application for a World War 1 Soldiers' Bonus Under Chapter 49 Special Laws Minnesota 1919

43 Questions on the Minnesota Application for a World War 1 Soldiers' Bonus Under Chapter 49 Special Laws Minnesota 1919, No. 31843 and No. 58704. This Form Completed by Ludvig K. Gjenvick. Gjenvick-Gjønvik Family Archives. GGA Image ID # 1870d8c08f

No. 58704

Application for Soldiers' Bonus Under Chapter 49 Special Laws Minnesota 1919.

The Soldiers' Bonus Board: Brig. Gen. W. F. Rhinow, the Adjt. General; J. A. O. Preus, State Auditor; and Henry Rines, State Treasurer.

This Application Must be Made in Duplicate.

  1. Name of Applicant (as on discharge paper): Ludvig K. Gjenvick
  2. Identification Number: 2100540
  3. A. If in draft, place of registration: Madison, Minn
    B. Serial Number: 540
    C. If inducted, Draft Board Order No.: [Blank]
  4. Present Permanent Address: 1419 Newton Ave N, Minneapolis, Minn
  5. Place of Birth: Trondhjem, Norway
  6. Date of Birth: January 11-1892
  7. Age: 27
  8. Resident of Minnesota: 4 years, 7 months
  9. Present occupation: Laborer
  10. Business Address: 420 N 3rd St
  11. Name of Employer: Heywood Mfg. Co.
  12. Name and address of nearest relative: Clara S. Gjenvick, 1419 Newton Ave N, Minneapolis, Minn
  13. Relationship: Wife
  14. Name and address of Parents at time of Enlistment, Induction or Commission.  None
  15. Have you made previous application to this State for Soldiers' Monthly Bonus? No
  16. Have you applied for or received a bonus Gratuity or compensation, whatsoever, from any other State or Country for services in the war against Germany? Not except for 60 dollars when discharged.
  17. If rejected state reasons given --
  18. Did you at any time defraud, violate, evade or attempt to evade any of the provisions of the Selective Service Act (Draft Act)?  No
  19. Did you seek to evade Military Service on either of the following grounds: (a) Conscientious Objections No (b) Alienage No
  20. Legal residence at time of enlistment, induction or commission: Madison, Minn
  21. Legal residence now: 1419 Newton Ave N
  22. Where did you vote before entering service:  Did not vote
  23. Length of residence in Minnesota prior to enlistment, induction or commission: 2 years, 6 months
  24. If married at time of enlistment, induction or commission give name and residence of wife at that time: Not married then.
  25. Rank (At time of enlistment): Pvt
  26. Organization: Co. C 381 Inf
  27. Rank (at time of discharge): Cpl
  28. Organization: Co. C 346 Inf
  29. Date and place of enlistment, induction or commission: Madison, Minn
  30. Age when enlisted, inducted or commissioned: 25 years 9 months
  31. Date and place reporting for active duty: Sept. 20, 1917 at Madison, Minn
  32. Date and place of discharge: May 7, 1919 at Camp Grant, Ill; Character given: Excellent
  33. If Commissioned Officer, date accepting Commission: No

Questions 34 to 43 for Naval Men and Naval Nurses

  1. Branch of Service. (Regular Navy—Naval Reserve—Coast Guard)
  2. Date of enlistment (If Regular Navy or Coast Guard.)
  3. Age
  4. Date of enrollment (If in U. S. Naval Reserve Force.)
  5. Age
  6. Date reported for active duty
  7. Station or Ship Station Ship
  8. Original Rating
  9. Last Rating
  10. If Commissioned Officer, date of accepting Commission.

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