The National Geographic Magazine - November-December 1917

Front Cover, The National Geographic Magazine, Vol. XXXII, Nos. 5 & 6, November-December 1917.

Front Cover, The National Geographic Magazine, Vol. XXXII, Nos. 5 & 6, November-December 1917. GGA Image ID # 18b3a4c4c2

Published by the National Geographic Society, Hubbard Memorial Hall, Washington, DC.

The November/December 1917 Double Issue of The National Geographic Magazine featured many articles including Training the New Armies of Liberty, The Geographical and Historical Environment of America's New Soldier Cities, and More!

Mid-Winter Double Number

Featured Content

  • Map and Chart in Four Colors
    Showing the Location of America's Cantonments and Camps, and the Ground Plan of a Typical National Army Cantonment
  • 16 Pages of Photogravure
  • The Geographical and Historical Enviornment of America's 32 New Soldier Cities
    18 Illustrations
    By William Joseph Showalter
  • Training the New Armies of Liberty
    By Major Granville Fortescue, U.S. Army
  • The Immediate Necessity for Military Highways
    22 Illustrations
    By A. G. Batchelder
  • In Lorraine--That Part of France Where the First American Soldiers Have Fallen
    16 Illustrations
    By Harriet Chalmers Adams
  • Gems from Scotland
    16 Illustrations
  • From the Tranches to Versailles
    12 Illustrations
    By Carolyn Corey

Full-Page Advertisements

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  • Hamilton Watch Company of Lancaster, Pennsylvania
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  • Motor All Winter in California -- Thousands of Miles of Perfect Motor Roads
  • Ivory Soap -- 99 44/100 Pure
  • Victor Talking Machine Company, Camden, NJ -- Everybody Naturally Wants to Hear the Best Music
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  • The Book of Birds by the National Geographic Society
  • Doubleday, Page & Company Geographical Manual and New Atlas
  • Resinol Soap
  • American Telephone and Telegraph Cmpany and Associated Companies
  • Flags of the World by Lt. Cmdr. Byron McCandless and Gilbert H. Grosvenor
  • Corona Typewriter Company, Inc., Groton, New York -- The Mersonal Writing Machine
  • Scenes from Every Land by Gilbert H. Grosvenor, Editor, National Geographic Magazine
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