St. Nicholas Magazine for Boys and Girls - May 1919

The issue provided some coverage of the war, which at the time had already ended. It included an assortment of short stories, poems, user/reader-generated content, War stories and photos, and Letters to the Editor.

Front Cover, St. Nicholas Magazine for Boys and Girls, Vol. XLVI, No. 7, May 1919.

Front Cover, St. Nicholas Magazine for Boys and Girls, Vol. XLVI, No. 7, May 1919. GGA Image ID # 18b5a4fa19

Published by The Century Co. New York.


  • Toy-Mender and King
    by Katherine Dunlap Cather
  • Inter-Camp Days
    by Anna Worthington Coale
  • The Treasure Hunt
    by Samuel Scoville, Jr
  • The Camerons of Highboro
    by Beth B. Gilchrist
  • Fortunes of War
    by Ralph Henry Barbour and H. P. Holt
  • Applied Science
    by Carolyn Wells
  • For Country and for Liberty: Your Task, Too, High School Boys and Girls
    Written Exclusively for St. Nicholas
  • Carrier-pigeons in the War
    by Francis Arnold Collins
  • Eight-week Clubs; Community Service
    by Marjorie Kinnan
  • “Roosevelt House”
    the Woman's Roosevelt Memorial Association to Acquire Colonel Roosevelt's Birthplace in New York City
  • “Viva La France!”
    A Narrative Founded on the Diary of Jeannette De Martigny
    by Emilie Benson Knipe and Alden Arthur Knipe
    Chapter XX: General Joffre,
    Chapter XXI: “ Bijoux ",
    Chapter XXII: the Hospital at Neuilly,
  • The Sugary Shipwrecked Zoo
    by Mrs. John T. Van Sant
  • "Funny-Face” ( from Bobbie's Point of View)
    by Grace Tyers
  • New Swings and How to Make Them
    by William Wise
  • The Boy Vigilantes of Belgium
    by George Ethelbert Walsh
    Chapter XIV: Broken Bonds
    Chapter XV: the Unexpected Happens
  • Primrose Lane: a May-Day Play for out of Doors
    by Cornelia Meigs
  • The Watch Tower: A Review of Current Events
    by Edward N. Teall
    The March Record, Our New Ships, the League of Nations, Getting Ready for College, Chosen (Korea), Our Home - Coming Heroes, China and Japan, over There (France), through the Watch Tower's Telescope
  • Nature and Science for Young Folks
    Easter Lilies on the Desert, Growing Potatoes in Straw, Reinforced-concrete Cisterns for Fire-fighting, What One Boy Did with Melons, Testing the Energy of a Tulip Bulb, a Treadmill Thread-mill.
  • For Very Little Folk Verses
    by Mattie Lee Hausgen. Illustrations by Decie Merwin
  • St. Nicholas League for May 1919
    Original Poems, Stories, Drawings, Photographs, Puzzles, and Puzzle Answers Submitted by League Members under Age 18
  • The Letter - Box
  • The Box Riddle: Answers to Puzzles in the April Number
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