Camp Dix Pictorial Review - 20 March 1918

Front Cover, Camp Dix Pictorial Review, 20 March 1918.

Front Cover, Camp Dix Pictorial Review, 20 March 1918. GGA Image ID # 18b19970e3

Each issue incorporated The Camp Dix News and Wrightstown Heriald. Published monthly by I. L. Cochrane, Philadelphia with an Editorial Office at Camp Dix, NJ.

The March Issues includes various buildings in Camp Dix, African-American soldiers, a pictorial on teaching soldiers to drive a tank, along with photos of some of the infantry and engineering groups, boxing lessons, razor ads, and more.


  • Boo Hoo!
  • Muddled Thoughts
  • All Review Advertisements Guaranteed


  • Soldiers Marching: Coming and Going
  • "Dan Patch" of Batty D. 308 FA. The Artillery Horse Balks at Nothing
  • Exterior and Interior Views of Camp Dix Library
  • Depot Brigade Officers' Ball in Knights of Columbus Building
  • Photo Collage of African-American Troops (Litter Drill; Veterinary Class in YMCA No. 7; 349th FA Band; A Jersey Mosquito for the Kaiser; Glee Club, 350th FA; 350th FA Band; YMCA No. 7 at Night
  • Camp Dix's Allied Instructors
  • Sun Parlor, Hostess House, Camp Dix, NJ
  • St. George's Club House, Pointville
  • Collage of Photos Showing Training Soldiers to Drive a Tank
  • Miss Margaret Wilson, The President's Daughter, standing on the steps of the Hostess House. From a Brownie Snapshot by Miss Johnson
  • Part of the Knights of Columbus Secretarial Staff
  • Officers' Training School Headquarters Building
  • Interior of 303rd Engineers Hall
  • Group of Camp Dix YMCA Secretaries
  • Panoramic Photo: Winter at Camp Dix, NJ, 28 January 1918
  • Panoramic Photo: Company F, 24th Engineers
  • Panoramic Photo: 310 Infantry Band
  • Squad of Rookies Repairing and Draining a Mud Road
  • Rookies Lined Up for the "Shot in the Arm"
  • Quartet of Company B, 303rd Engineers
  • Portrait Photo: P. O. Osterhus
  • Afternoon Boxing Lessons in Knights of Columbus Hall
  • The First Men to Enroll at Camp Dix, 5 September 1917
  • Outdoor Boxing Lessons
  • Camp Dix One Mile Relay Team
  • Setting Up Exercises
  • A Company Assembled for their 15-Minute Daily Sing
  • Four Field Mess Scenes of Men from Company C, 26th Engineers at the Rifle Range
  • Rookies' First Line-Up in Front of Barracks
  • Assorted Indoor and Outdoor Scenes When Camp Dix was Cold
  • A Study in Types
  • A Former Farm House in the Middle of Camp Now Occupied by Major J. L. Benedict
  • Noon Time on the Rifle Range
  • Future Dispatch Bearers (on Bicycles)
  • Band of the 59th Pioneer Regiment -- Delaware Boys


  • Jitneying Back to Barracks Near a Cold Gray Dawn


  • Ever-Ready Safety Razor
  • Jacob Reed's Sons of Philadelphia Camp Dix Branch
  • Army Theatre
  • Photos from the Pictorial Review Sold for $1
  • Sans Souci: French Pastries, Candies, Soda Water, and Ice Cream
  • Stetson Hats
  • The Picture History of the Building of Camp Dix, Souvenir 10c
  • Dards Florists
  • Army-Navy Auction Bargains
  • Dix Theatre: The New Home of High Class Burlesque
  • "Over Her" Preparing For "Over There" An Historic and Pictorial Record Souvenir of Camp Dix 50c
  • Rexall Store
  • Gillette Safety Razor

Camp Dix Pictorial Review, Philadelphia: I. L. Cochrane, Vol. I, No. 3, 20 March 1918.

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