Camp Dix Pictorial Review - 20 May 1918

Front Cover, Camp Dix Pictorial Review, 20 May 1918.

Front Cover, Camp Dix Pictorial Review, 20 May 1918. GGA Image ID # 18b1d17a32

Each issue incorporated The Camp Dix News and Wrightstown Heriald. Published monthly by I. L. Cochrane, Philadelphia with an Editorial Office at Camp Dix, NJ.

The May Issue included an editorial on German Democracy, a review of a play, "The Beast of Berlin," and a Biography of Brigadier General James H. McRae. Photographs included Scenes of Camp Dix, Fire Houses, Remount Depot, and more.


  • Untitle Editorial on German Democracy
  • "The Beast of Berlin"
  • Brigadier General James H. McRae


  • Blossom Time in Camp Dix
  • Watching the Flight of a Shell
  • Mortar Shell Exploding on Shanty Target
  • Brig. Gen’l Mcrae Has Just Dropped a Shell into the Mortar
  • Brigadier General Mcrae Looking on at Machine Gun and Trench Mortar Practice
  • A Dance in the 303rd Engineers’ Assembly Hall
  • The 303rd Engineers Listening to Liberty Loan Day Addresses
  • Three Fire Houses at Camp Dix and Fire Drill by the 303rd Engineers
  • Brigadier General Clint C. Hearn, 153d F. A. Brigade, and Three Artillery Practice Scenes
  • A Liberty Day Loan Address, April 26th, outside the K. of C. Building.
  • Soldiers off for a Morning Hike
  • Part Of the 309th Machine Gun Battalion
  • Col. Reed and Officers of the 59th Pioneer Regiment of Infantry
  • Nellie's War Babies
  • Rookies Attached to Co. E, 310th Infantry
  • Getting Hep. A Spud Squad in the 312th Infantry
  • Rifle or Mortar for the 303rd Trench Mortar Boys.
  • 309th Infantry Hoys Lined up at Retreat.
  • The Band of the 26th Engineers.
  • “Squads Right” before It’s Right.
  • Upton Boys Arriving in Dix.
  • Horses “Awaiting Orders.”
  • Bugle Corps, 312th Infantry.
  • A Group of 303rd Engineer Boys’ on Reconnoissance Detail.
  • A Primer Lesson in the Depot Brigade
  • Still Photo: The Kaiser: The Beast of Berlin at the Army Theatre
  • Camp Dix Boys Marching Down Broad Street, 27 April 1918
  • Boxing Bouts at the Knights of Columbus Building
  • Panoramic Photo: Headquarters Troop, 78th Division
  • Panoramic Photo: Shelter Tent Inspection, 3rd Battalion, 311th Infantry
  • Panoramic Photo: Officers and Men of the First Training School for Officers at Camp Dix
  • Panoramic Photo: Colonel A. V. P. Anderson and Officers of the 312th Infantry
  • Calisthenics and Setting-Up Exercises Under a May Sun
  • Officers of the 303rd Motor Supply Train
  • The New Recruit at the Remount Depot
  • Horseback, Cowboy and Rope Spinning Stunts at the Remount Station
  • Bird’s-eye View of R. R. Station and Remount Station from Steel Water Tower. The White Canvas Covers Piles of Baled Hay.
  • Massed Bands Playing at Division Headquarters on Liberty Loan Day
  • Section of Regimental Liaison School, 309th Infantry, Camp Dix
  • Infantry Field Inspection
  • Now That We Have Tents Spread All over Camp to Cover the Surplus Population, Those Post Cards Showing Camp Dix as a Tented City Will Appear More Life-like
  • A Squad of the 308th Machine Gun Battalion.
  • Decorative and Ornamental Landscape Camouflage, Co. a, 303rd Field Signal Battalion
  • "Building a Pyramid" Co. H. 312 Inf.
  • "Cleaning New Rifles" Co. M. 311 Inf.
  • Some of the Performers in the Camp Dix Circus
  • Co. B 310th Infantry Stacking Arms, Camp Dix
  • "The Kaisers Enemys" Co. 12, 153rd D. B.
  • Scenes in the Dix Training Trenches. Cowboys Race at the Dix Circus
  • Saddling an Unbroken Mule at the Dix Circus
  • Practice in Pitching Shelter Tents and Packing Equipment
  • Co. D, 303rd Engineers, Leaving Wrightstown


  • Listening to a Guy Give the Top Sergt. A Gas Attack for a Pass


  • J. L. N. Wunderoyle Oil for Guns
  • Jacob Reed's Sons of Philadelphia, Camp Dix Branch - Military Clothing
  • Ostby & Barton Company Military RIngs and Patriotic Jewelry
  • Sans Souci, Wrightstown: French Pastries, Candies, Soda Water, and Ice Cream
  • Duplicate Photos $1
  • Dards Florists
  • Charles J. Maxwell & Co., Jewelers
  • Kauffman & Cowell, Photographers
  • Army Theatre
  • Stetson Hats
  • C. J. Phillips Complete Military Equipment
  • The Rexall Store
  • Ever-Ready Safety Razor $1
  • The Picture History of the Building of Camp Dix, 10c
  • Gillette Safety Razor
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