Camp Dix Pictorial Review - 20 April 1918

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Front Cover, Camp Dix Pictorial Reveiw, 20 April 1918.

Front Cover, Camp Dix Pictorial Reveiw, 20 April 1918. GGA Image ID # 18b1b55e75

Each issue incorporated The Camp Dix News and Wrightstown Heriald. Published monthly by I. L. Cochrane, Philadelphia with an Editorial Office at Camp Dix, NJ.

The April Issue reviews two books, describes a model recreation room, and includes photographs showing Camp Dix, Browning Machine Gun in Action, Muledrawn Ambulance Team, Base Hospital Scenes, and more.


  • General Untitled Editorials
  • About Two Books -- Military and Naval Recognition Book and Health for the Soldier and Sailor
  • A Model Recreation Room


  • Scenes of Camp Dix--Front Cover Collage
  • Trench Mortar Pit
  • General Scott is Interested
  • Smoke Barrage in the Distance
  • Browing Machine Gun Demonstration
  • Demonstrating the Browing Automatic Rifle
  • General Scott and Men Looking at Barrage Fire
  • Col. M. B. Stokes, 311th Infantry
  • Gass Mask Practice
  • Muledrawn Ambulance Team
  • Bayonet Practice, Company I, 311 Infantry
  • 153rd Depot Brigade Band
  • Scenes in the Base Hospital
  • Scenes in Dental Room, 59th Pioneer Regiment
  • Still Photo from "Too Many Sweethearts" Musical Comedy at The Army Theatre
  • Mess Sergeants of 309th Infantry Regiment at Cook School, Camp Dix
  • Buglers, 309th Infantry
  • Baseball Team of 1st Battery, Officers' Training School
  • Crack Squad, 78th Division, Camp Dix
  • The Haversack, Wrightstown
  • Officers of the 307th Machine Gun Battalion, Camp Dix
  • Panoramic Photo: Major General Hugh L. Scott, Commander of Camp Dix, and Headquarters Staff
  • Panoramic Photo: Camp Dix Teams (Wagon Trains) Assembled for Review
  • Panoramic Photo: Nurses of the Base Hospital at Camp Dix, 28 March 1918
  • Headquarters Detachment
  • Brick Hotel, Wrightstown, Leased by War Department Commission on Training Camp Activities
  • Basketball Team, Headquarters Detachment, 153rd Depot Brigade
  • Colonel George L. Mason and Dental Staff at Base Hospital
  • Colonel Dent, 26th Engineers
  • Interior View of Camp Dix Hostess House Showing Full Complement of Visitors
  • General Scott Inspecting Pack Mules
  • Medical Officers, 59th Pioneer Regiment of Infantry
  • An African-American Baseball Battery Game
  • Cots Ready to Move to Another Barracks
  • Colonel Markham and Officers of the 303rd Engineers
  • Major Wm. P. Cowles and Officers of the 34th Engineers
  • Women's Suffrage Clubhouse for Soldiers, Wrightstown
  • Scene of Downtown Wrightstown (Uncaptioned)
  • Colonel Sarratt and Officers of the 309th Heavy Field Artillery
  • Collage of Photographs Showing Life at Camp Dix


  • Untitled 4-Panel comic strip about camp life


  • Buy a Liberty Bond Now!
  • Dards Florists
  • Duplicate Copies of Photographs $1
  • Sans Souci, Wrightstown: French Pastries, Candies, Soda Water, and Ice Cream
  • Charles J. Maxwell & Co. Jewelers
  • Kauffman & Cowell Uniforms
  • Army Theatre
  • Dix Theatre: The New Home of High Class Burlesque
  • Army-Navy Auction Bargains
  • Stetson Hats
  • The Picture History of the Building of Camp Dix, 10c
  • The Rexall Store: Rexall Remedies and Toilet Articles
  • Ever-Ready Safety Razor $1
  • Jacob Reed's Sons of Philadelphia, Camp Dix Branch (Uniforms)
  • Gillette Safety Razor
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