Camp Dix Pictorial Review - 20 June 1918

Front Cover, Camp Dix Pictorial Review, 20 June 1918.

Front Cover, Camp Dix Pictorial Review, 20 June 1918. GGA Image ID # 18b1ee09d7

Each issue incorporated The Camp Dix News and Wrightstown Heriald. Published monthly by I. L. Cochrane, Philadelphia with an Editorial Office at Camp Dix, NJ.

The June Issue provided a list with a photograph of a typical soldier's overseas equipment. Other articles include Getting Money Over There and Damaged Parcel Post. Photos Included many of the companies at Camp Dix, Hostess House, and more.


  • The Soldier's Overseas Equipment (List and Photo)
  • Branch Library in YMCA No 1
  • The Devil's Religion
  • Getting Money Over There
  • Let George Do It!
  • Atlantic City Hospitality
  • Hostess House for Lady Friends of African-American Soldiers (Brief Article and Photo)
  • Damaged Parcel Post


  • Collage of Scenes of Camp Dix on Front Cover
  • Mme. Schumann-Heink, The “mother of the Army, ” Singing to 25,000 Soldiers at Camp Dix.
  • The 78th Division Baseball Team, Defeated Colgate, Penn, and Philadelphia Athletics.
  • Damaged Parcel Post. Those Sending Goodies by Parcel Post to Dix See Page 13
  • A String of Army Trucks at Dix.
  • 5th Battalion 153rd Depot Brigade, Baseball Team
  • Yes, Girls, Marry an Army Cook or Mess Sergeant
  • Artillery Boys.
  • A Scene at the First Dix Field Mass. Bishop Morley, Gen. Scott
  • A Dix Busy Street on Sunday.
  • When Dix Licked Penn.
  • Bishop Morley—“Men, Christ Is with You!”
  • A Dix Goulash Cannon
  • A Boxing Bout in the African-American Regiment
  • Captain Tuttle and Group of Men Detailed to the Liberty Theatre
  • Horses at Trough
  • A Company "Mixing it Up."
  • Here Comes the Guns! (Scene of Horse-Drawn Cannon-Wagons)
  • Complete Overseas Outfit of a Private
  • Scullions, Lettuce, and "Sass" RIght Next to an Officer's Quarters Kitchen
  • Branch Library in YMCA No. 1
  • Miss Grace Shepard and Part of Hostess House Staff
  • Portrait Photo: Leopold Lane, YMC Dramatic Director for Camp Dix
  • The P. R. R. Special Officers at Camp Dix Station Who Help to Handle the Big Crowds
  • The Filter Spray in Action at the Camp Dix Disposal Plant
  • Panoramic Photo: Field Mass at Camp Dix, 12 May 1918
  • Panoramic Photo: Company G, 34th Engineers
  • Jeff Smith Giving Boxing Pointers to an Entire Company
  • Sunday Crowds Arriving at Camp Dix Railroad Station
  • Setting-Up Exercises
  • "Arms and the Man." Next Shot!
  • Mail Going Home From the Boys at Camp Dix
  • Lieutenant C. J. C. Clarke and His “All Nations” Squad from Camp Dix, Helping the Liberty Loan and War Chest Drives in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania
  • Secretaries of YMCAA No. 6
  • Peggy Mitchel with First Baby Born at Camp Dix
  • A War Lesson Talk
  • Hostess House for Lady Friends of African-American Soldiers
  • Major E. L. Dougherty and Officers of the 6th Battalion, 153rd Depot Brigade, and the Camp Dix Military Police
  • K. P., Knights of Pie
  • Camp Dix Mile, Half-Mile, and Medley Relay Team
  • With Fiendish Glee, the Dentists Make a Gas Attack in a Torture Chamber in the Dental Infirmary
  • Collage of Photographs containing Scenes of Camp Dix


  • Large-Scale Map of Camp Dix, Wrightstown, NJ
  • Comic: A Mix Up In Hats at Reveille. Who Has 1st Sgt. John's Hat?


  • Cox & Company, British Bankers
  • The Bloch Jewelry Novelty Company
  • Ever-Ready Safety Razor $1
  • The Rexall Store
  • Kauffman & Cowell, Photographers
  • Jacob Reed's Sons of Philadelphia, Military Clothing
  • Ostby & Barton Company, Military Rings and Patriotic Jewelry
  • Army-Navy Auction
  • J. L. N. Wunderoyle Oils for Guns
  • Climax Plug Tobacco by P. Lorillard Co.
  • Sans Souci, Wrightstown: French Pastries, Candies, Soda Water, and Ice Cream
  • Duplicate Copies of any Photographs $1
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