Camp Dix Pictorial Review - 20 February 1918

Front Cover, Camp Dix Pictorial Review, Vol. 1, No. 2, 20 February 1918.

Front Cover, Camp Dix Pictorial Review, Vol. 1, No. 2, 20 February 1918. GGA Image ID # 18470fa50f

Each issue incorporated The Camp Dix News and Wrightstown Heriald. Published monthly by I. L. Cochrane, Philadelphia with an Editorial Office at Camp Dix, NJ.

The February 1918 Issue introduces some officers, including Major General Hugh L. Scott, Commander of the 78th Division, photos of General Pershing, Soldiers Marching Through London, and Group Photos of some of the Companies of Men at Camp Dix.


  • The Tank "Britannia" in Operation at Camp Dix
  • Lt. Col. Henry N. Cootes, Chief of Staff at Camp Dix
  • Maj. Genl. Hugh L. Scott, Comander of 78th Division, Camp Dix
  • Lt. Col. Wait C. Johnson, Assistant Chief of Staff at Camp Dix
  • Officers of the Camp Dix Military Police
  • Camp Dix: Snow and Ice Clad
  • Club Life in Camp Dix
  • General Pershing
  • Maj. Genl. Chase W. Kennedy, First Commander of Camp Dix
  • Soldiers Marching Through London
  • Cartoon: Listening to a Mexican Athlete Throw the Bull to the Boys at the Club
  • Group Photo: Co. I, 309th Infantry
  • Group Photo: Co. B., 307th Machine Gun Battalion
  • Article: Kitchen Police
  • Article: All Review Advertisements Guaranteed
  • Poem: Sammy Cleaver
  • Stetson Humphrey, Camp Song Leader
  • Maj. W. Cole Davis, Commanding Officer of Base Hospital and Staff
  • Group Photo: 312 Infantry Band
  • Group Photo: 303rd Engineers Band
  • Group Photo: 311th Infantry Band
  • Panorama View of a Portion of Camp Dix
  • Group Photo: Headquarters Troop, 78th Division
  • Group Photo: 303rd Field Signal Battalion
  • Civilians Wath Squad Drills
  • Knights of Columbus Building
  • Temporary Sheds on the Remount Station
  • Byron S. Walton, Camp Athletic Director
  • Interior of a Regimental Exchange
  • Exterior of a Regimental Exchange
  • Article: Regimental Exchanges
  • Four-Wheel Drive Truck
  • Shadow Boxing Class
  • Jerome V. Jefferd, Camp Dix Boxing Instructor
  • Incinerator Plant at Camp Dix
  • Rustic Tower on the Rifle Range
  • Camp Dix Section 2: Where 67 Additional Buildings were built
  • Camp Dix Railroad Station, Storage Houses, and Remount Station
  • Group Photo: Cooks of Mess Squad, Company H, 310th Infantry
  • In a Barrack Kitchen
  • Group Photo: Men of 304th Infantry
  • Backyard Scene at Camp Dix
  • Comics: Rookies Dream Reveille (Ignored)
  • Advertisement: The Picture History of the Building of Camp Dix, 102 Engraving that Tell at a Glance Their Story of a World-Record Enterprise. A Souvenir to Retain for Life. Number One of the Camp Dix Pictorial Review
  • Total List of Materials Used in the Construction of Camp Dix - 15 December 1917
  • Boilers & Stacks to Heat the Base Hospital
  • Load of Mail at Camp Dix Post Office
  • Interior View of WMCA Officers' Club Room
  • Lt. O. C. Anderson, Camp Dix Football Star
  • Portrait Photo of Miss Sally M. Frankenstein, Emergency and Information Secretary, Hostess House
  • Advertisement: Cut your own hair with a Ucan! UCAN Safety haircutter: It's as Easy as Combing! $2.75
  • Portrait Photo: Miss Hortense Rosen, Camp Dix Representative of the Travelers' Aid Society
  • View of Main Street, Wrightstown, Under a Mantle of Snow During the Recent Quarantine
  • Adv: Jacob Reed's Store of Philadelphia, Camp Dix Branch
  • Adv: Lit Brother Uniforms
  • Adv: The Rexall Store - Rexall Remedies and Toilet Articles
  • Adv: The Hottel Co. of Trenton - Army Uniforms and Equipments

Camp Dix Pcitorial Review: Incorporated The Camp Dix News and Wrightstown Herald, Vol. I, No. 2, 20 February 1918.

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