The Memorial Fountain - Archibald Butt and Francis Millet

The Memorial Fountain as Erected.

The Memorial Fountain as Erected. The Fountain is situated south of the White House Grounds, at the northwest junction of the road around those grounds with the road around the ellipse. The following inscription is carved on the rim of the Basin: In memory or Francis Davis Millet- 1846 -1912 -and Archibald Willingham Вutt-1865-1912. This monument has been erected by their friends with the sanction of Congress. The Fountain in Memory of Francis Davis Millet and Archibald Willingham Butt (1913), p. 13. GGA Image ID # 110d62ac6e

Memorial Fountain erected in Washington, DC, to honor of Major Archibald W. Butt and Mr. Francis D. Millet, who perished in the Titanic Disaster.

Francis Davis Millet (1846-1912)

Francis Davis Millet (1846-1912). The Fountain in Memory of Francis Davis Millet and Archibald Willingham Butt (1913), p. 3. GGA Image ID # 110ad57715

Archibald Willingham Butt (1865-1912)

Archibald Willingham Butt (1865-1912).The Fountain in Memory of Francis Davis Millet and Archibald Willingham Butt (1913), p. 5. GGA Image ID # 110c93e0ef

Letter from the White House

This letter was sent to personal friends of Mr. Millet and Major Butt.


Washington, May 1912

It has been suggested (And this suggestion has the approval or the president) That an enduring memorial be erected on public grounds in Washington to the memory of Major Archibald W. Butt and Mr. Francis D. Millet. It is believed that they were the only officers of the united states who went down with the "Titanic."

Also, they had been close personal friends for years, living in the same house in Washington, and were companions on their last voyage, together they gave up their lives tпat others might live, and it seems fitting that a memorial be erected to them jointly.

It is believed that a simple, dignified and artistic tablet would be preferable to a more elaborate memorial, and it seems peculiarly appropriate to place this tablet on public around in the vicinity of the white house.

Because of Major Butts associations with the white house, and because of the professional services rendered by Mr. Millet as vice -chairman of the National Commission of Fine Arts in the development of the mall and the adjacent public grounds.

It is proposed to erect the memorial with funds to be contributed by personal friends of major butt and Mr. Millet the president has made the first contribution to the fund.

The exact form of the memorial has not been determined upon. This will depend mainly upon the decision of the commission of fine arts, who will have charge of the decision of the memorial. Congress will be asked to permit the president to locate the memorial and to approve the design.

Mr. Charles J. Bell, of the American Security and Trust Company, Washington, D. C. Will act as treasurer of the fund. He will send a receipt for all contributions which may be forwarded directly to him.

Charles d. Hilles,
secretary to the president.

Spencer Cosby
Colonel. U. S. Army.


Joint Resolution

[Publio Resolution —no 69.]
[S. J. Ris. 108.]

Joint resolution authorizing the erection on the public grounds in the city of Washington of a joint memorial to Major Archibald W. Butt and Francis Davis Millet.

Resolved by the senate and house of representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled. That the chief of engineers, United States Army, be, and he is hereby authorized and directed to grant permission for the erection on public grounds of the united states in the city of Washington, other than those of the capitol, The Library of Congress, and the White House, of a joint memorial, of simple and artistic form, to Major Archibald W. Butt. United States Army, and Mr. Francis Davis Millet, vice chairman of the commission of fine arts, officers of the united states who perished in the Titanic disaster: Provided, that the site chosen and the design of the memorial shall be approved by the president of the united states upon the advice of the commission of fine arts, and that the united states shall be put to no expense in or by the erection of the said memorial.

Approved. August 24. 1912.

Memorial Fountain, Designed by Thomas Hastings, Bas-Reliefs byDaniel Chester French.

Memorial Fountain, Designed by Thomas Hastings, Bas-Reliefs by Daniel Chester French. Mr. Hastings and Mr. French Contributed Their Services. The Fountain in Memory of Francis Davis Millet and Archibald Willingham Butt (1913), p. 9. GGA Image ID # 110ced8d58

The Memorial Fountain Bas-Reliefs: Military Valor and The Fine Arts by Daniel Chester French.

The Memorial Fountain Bas-Reliefs: Military Valor and The Fine Arts by Daniel Chester French. The Fountain in Memory of Francis Davis Millet and Archibald Willingham Butt (1913), p. 10-11. GGA Image ID # 110d24eb35

Contributors to the Memorial

  • Addison, A. D.
  • Adee. Alvey A.
  • Aleshire. J. B.
  • Aloara. R. de Terreros. Don A.
  • Alger. Frederick II.
  • Andrew. A. Piatt
  • Archbold. Jörn D.
  • Armour. Allison V.
  • Bacon. IIenry
  • Barrett, John
  • Barry. Thomas H.
  • Bates. Mrs. Caroline E.
  • Beaux. Cecilia
  • Bell. Charles J.
  • Bigelow. William Sturgis
  • Bitter. Karl
  • Black. William M.
  • Blair. Gist
  • Bliss. Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Jr.
  • Blumenthal. George
  • Borino. William A.
  • Boyle. John J.
  • Bradley. Edson.
  • Brantley. William 0.
  • Bristol. A. L.
  • Bromwell. Charles S.
  • Burnham. Daniel H.
  • Butler. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Henry
  • Butler. Howard Russell
  • Cabell. Dr. Julian M.
  • Cable. George W.
  • Cadwalader. John L.
  • Cammerer. Arno В.
  • Capps. W. L.
  • Carpenter. Fred W.
  • Chapín. F. L.
  • Clark, Champ
  • Clayton. Powell. Jh.
  • Cloman, Mr. and Mrs. Sydney A.
  • Coman. Charlotte B.
  • Cook. Walter
  • Cooper. Colin Campbell
  • Corbin. Mrs. U. C.
  • Cosby. Spencer'
  • Cowles. W. С
  • Cox. Mr. and Mrs. Kenyon
  • Crimmins. John D.
  • Crozier William
  • Curtis. James F.
  • Davis. Cleland
  • Day. Frank Miles
  • D'Azy. Vicomte Benoist
  • de Bode. August. Baron
  • de Forest. Robert W.
  • de Graffenried. Miss M. C.
  • De Laney. M. A.
  • Donaldson. John M.
  • Downey. 0. F.
  • Eames. William S.
  • Edwards. Clarence R.
  • Edwards. Charles Gordon
  • Ely. Theodore N.
  • Eustis, William Corcoran
  • Faison. S. L.
  • Farragut, Loyall
  • Foltz. Fred S.
  • Forbes. W. Cameron
  • Freer. Charles L.
  • French. Daniel Chester
  • Frick. Henry C.
  • Gaff. Thomas Trueman
  • Gardner. A. P.
  • Gardner. Mrs. J. L.
  • Garnsey. Elmer E.
  • Gibbons. Mr. and Mrs. J. H.
  • Gilbert. Cass
  • Gaul. Gilbert
  • Graxon. William Bailey
  • Greble. E. F. J.
  • Hackett. Chauncey
  • Hale. Mr. and Mrs. Chandler
  • Hale. Eugene
  • Hall. Ernest
  • Harris. H. T. В.
  • Hastings. Thomas
  • Hauge. Madame Christian
  • Hay. Mrs. John
  • Hiooinson. Henry L.
  • Hilles. С. D. •
  • Hitchcock. Frank H.
  • IIitt. William F.
  • Hopkins. Archibald
  • Horton. William е.
  • Howland. Henry E.
  • Hudson. J. L.
  • Hughes. Chas. E.
  • Hunt. Jim
  • Innes. A. Mitchell
  • Isham. Samuel
  • Jakes. Mrs. Julian
  • Jenninos. Hennen
  • Jusserand. J. J.
  • Kibbey. Bessie J.
  • Kirby. Thomas E.
  • Lamar. Joseph »
  • Lathrop. Bryan
  • Lee. Arthur
  • Leiter. Mrs. L. Z.
  • Lewis. Edwin J., Jr.
  • Lindsey. Mrs. H. C.
  • Logan. Geo. Wood
  • Lono. Andrew Y.
  • Low, Seth
  • Low. Will H.
  • MacVeaoh. Franklin
  • Mansfield. Howard
  • Marburg. Theodore
  • Marshall. Henry Rutgers
  • Marshall. James Rush
  • McCain. H. P.
  • McCawley. Mr. and Mrs. C. L.
  • McCoy. F. R.
  • McClintock. Mr. and Mrs. A. O.
  • McClung. Lee
  • McFarland. J. Horace
  • McKim. Mrs. A. M. C.
  • МсКш. Margaret
  • McKinney. L. B.
  • McLachlan. Jas. D.
  • McMillan. Mrs. James
  • Mead. W. Rutherford
  • Melchers. Gary
  • Meyer. George von L.
  • Miles. Basil
  • Miller. 0. P.
  • Mitchell. John G.
  • Moltke. Count and Countess
  • Moore. Charles
  • Morris. Harrison S.
  • Nagel. Charles
  • New York Association for the Blind
  • Norton. Charles D.
  • O'Brien. Thomas J.
  • Olmsted. Frederick Law
  • Osborn. William Church
  • Parker. James
  • Parsons. A. J.
  • Percy. Eustace S. C.
  • Pettus. H. L.
  • Pinchot. Mrs. Mary E.
  • Platt. Charles A.
  • Porter. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kirke
  • Rathbun. Richard
  • Redmond. M. D.
  • Rhoads. T. L.
  • Ridgely. Mrs. William Barret
  • Robinson. Mrs. Douolas
  • Santelmann. William П.
  • Sellers. David Foots
  • Shattuck. A. D.
  • Shurtliff. R. M.
  • Smith. Herbert Knox
  • Stanley. D. S.
  • Stevens. Gorham P.
  • Stimson. Henry L.
  • Students Art Club. Tampa. Fla.
  • Taft. Henry W.
  • Taft. William H.
  • Taylor. John R. M.
  • Thompson. Robert M.
  • Tiffany. Louis C.
  • Train. C. R.
  • Ullman. Isaac M.
  • Von Herwarto. H. W.
  • Walcott. C. D.
  • Walters, H.
  • Ward. Henry H.
  • Warren. Francis E.
  • Watrous. Richard В.
  • Weinman. Adolph A.
  • Wendell. Evert Jansen
  • Wetmore. Geo. Peabody
  • Wheeler. Post
  • White. Henry
  • Whitehouse. Francis M.
  • Wickersham. George W.
  • Williams. John Sharp
  • Wilmer. William H.
  • Winship. Blanton
  • Winthrop. Beekman
  • Wotherspoon. W. W.
  • Anonymous Donors. Three

The Fountain in Memory of Francis Davis Millet and Archibald Wellingham Butt, Washington, 1913.

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