The Butt Memorial Bridge at Augusta, Georgia

The Butt Memorial Bridge in Augusta, Georgia

The Butt Memorial Bridge in Augusta, Georgia with Insert of The Memorial Tablet and Massive Wreath of Lillies and Rhododendron Leaves. Popular Mechanics Magazine (July 1914) p. 10. GGA Image ID # 107fbbbe84

In memory of Major “Archie” Butt, aide-de-camp to President Taft, who lost his life in the “Titanic” disaster in 1912, the citizens of Augusta, Ga., have erected a beautiful bridge, and placed upon it a tablet with an appropriate inscription, which was unveiled on April 16, 1914

Major Butt was born in Augusta in 1865.  After graduation he entered the army of the United States, being appointed aide-de-camp to President Roosevelt, and continuing that office under President Taft.

Survivors of the “Titanic” disaster testified to his courage and self-sacrifice in the shadow of death. 

The tablet bears these words:

“In honor of Archibald Willingham Butt
Born in Augusta, September 26, 1865
Graduated in the University of the South, 1880
Major in the United States Army
Trusted Aide-de-Camp of two Presidents

Major Butt went to his death in the steamer ‘Titanic’ after the rescue of the women and children from that ill-fated vessel, April 15, 1912.

In memory of his noble and lovable qualities as a man, his courage and high sense of duty as a soldier, his loyalty and efficiency as a public servant, his fellow-citizens of Augusta, dedicate this bridge.”

Signed: W. H. Taft.

"Butt Memorial Bridge at Augusta," in Popular Mechanics Magazine, Vol. 22, No. 1, July 1914, p. 10

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