SS Missanabie Archival Collection

Ephemera for the SS Missanabie available may include Passenger Lists, Menus, Brochures, Sailing Schedules, Route Maps, Photographs, and more.

Inspection Card for Immigrant to Canada - 1915

1915-03-13 Canadian Immigrant Inspection Card - SS Missanabie

Canadian Immigrant Inspection Card issued to a Steerage Passenger on board the Canadian Pacific steamship SS Missanabie departing from Liverpool 13 March 1915. This represents a very rare immigrant document from a ship in service less than four years.


Front Cover, Distinguished Liners from The Shipbuilder - 1906-1914, Volume 1.


Distinguished Liners from The Shipbuilder - 1906-1914 Volume 1

An authentic replication to the smallest detail of the best of The Shipbuilder magazine, 1906-1914, including articles on the Titanic, Olympic, Lusitania, Mauretania, and more. This encyclopedic collection contains original text, photographs, and advertisements, as well as 22 fold-out blueprint plans, five color plates, a two-color Titanic cutaway folding advertisement and even two facsimile subscription forms.


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