Ladies Dress Sleeve Pattern No. 3400

Ladies Dress Sleeve Pattern No. 3400

No. 3400. — This sleeve is represented made of plain suit goods.

It is in the popular coat-sleeve shape, with seams at the outside and inside of the arm. The upper part is covered to the elbow with a full puff, which is gathered at its upper and lower edges, rises high above the shoulder and droops gracefully over its joining to the sleeve.

A sleeve of this description is appropriate for any style of basque, bodice or polonaise, and will generally be made up like the garment which it accompanies, although the puff may be of contrasting material, if desired.

Velvet is often chosen for making the sleeve, which will form a favorite addition to many of the stylish woolen dresses at present so fashionab1e. The wrist may be decorated with Vandyke points or embroidery.

Pattern Information

We have pattern No. 3400 in six sizes from nine to fourteen inches, measuring the arm about an inch below the bottom of the arm’s-eye.

To make a pair of sleeves for a lady whose arm measures eleven inches as mentioned, will require two yards of material twenty-two inches wide, or a yard and three-fourths twenty-seven inches wide, or a yard and three-eighths thirty-six inches wide, or one yard forty-four inches wide.

Price of pattern, 5d. or 10 cents.

"Ladies Dress Sleeve [No. 3400]," in The Delineator: A Journal of Fashion, Culture, and Fine Arts – Midsummer Number, New York: Butterick Publishing Co., Ltd, Vol. XXXVI, No. 2, August 1890, P. 82 (For Illustrations see Page 84).

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