SS Kristianiafjord Archival Collection

Ephemera for the SS Kristianiafjord available may include Passenger Lists, Menus, Brochures, Sailing Schedules, Route Maps, Photographs, and more.

Front Cover, 1915 Brochure from the Norwegian America Line

1915 - Norwegian America Line - Sweden to America

1915 brochure produced by the Norwegian-America Line to promote Immigrant traffic from Sweden to America in the Third Class. Many interior and exterior photographs along with illustrations make this a superb booklet that is very useful for genealogy research. Featured Ships: Bergensfjord, Kristianiafjord, and Stavangerfjord


Scheduled Sailings for the Bergensfjord and Kristianiafjord from 15 August through 11 December, 1915.

Scheduled Sailings for the SS Bergensfjord and SS Kristianiafjord from 15 August through 11 December, 1915. Includes Trip Number, Day and Time of Departure, and Port of Departure. SS Bergensfjord Passenger List, 18 August 1915. GGA Image ID # 1db00df341


Front Cover, Distinguished Liners from The Shipbuilder - 1907-1914, Volume 2. Compiled and Edited, with a New Introduction by Mark D. Warren.


Distinguished Liners from The Shipbuilder - 1907-1914 Volume 2

Distinguished Liners, Volume 2 features 53 famous ships from 1907-1914. Read how the liners were constructed and launched. Lavishly illustrated, each carries many photographs, including the ships, their interiors, machinery, fittings, construction, and launching.