Navy Boot Camp Book 1955 Company 291 The Compass

Front Cover, Bainbridge USNTC "The Compass" 1955 Company 291

Front Cover, Bainbridge USNTC "The Compass" 1955 Company 291
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Roster and Photos for Recruit Company 291 for 1955, United States Naval Training Center, Bainbridge, Maryland. Company Commander: B. C. Greenquist, EN1. 60 Men Graduated. Training Dates: 11 July 1955 - 13 September 1955.

Company 55-291 Honors

  • Lehigh Volly Liberty Bell

Company 55-291 Organization and Schedule

  • Organization: 41st Battalion - 4th Regiment
  • Commenced Training: 11 July 1955
  • Completed Training: 13 September 1955

Company 55-291 Leadership

  • Company Commander: B. C. Greenquist, EN1

Company 55-291 Recruit Roster

  1. Ronald A. Acker
  2. Franklin J. Anstead
  3. William A. Arnold
  4. James A. Back
  5. Lee R. Barnett
  6. Lawrence A. Baumann
  7. R. B. Bennyhoff
  8. Douglas W. Bower
  9. Ronald J. Chabak
  10. Walter T. Cheese
  11. Lewis G. Cline
  12. William B. Cooke
  13. Walter G. Duffy
  14. Paul J. Fisher
  15. Randolph E. Getz
  16. Raymond H. Hartranft
  17. Thomas L. Harold
  18. Robert J. Heist
  19. Grady M. Hill
  20. Leroy H. Hoffman Jr.
  21. J. Houston Jr.
  22. Alfred C. Keem
  23. Patrick J. Larkin
  24. Nicholas E. Leanch
  25. Richard J. Malloy
  26. William F. Mausolf
  27. Edward L. McDaniel
  28. Hans P. Merkel
  29. Russell G. Muschlitz
  30. Thomas E. Nagy
  31. William L. Nice
  32. Michael P. O'Donnell
  33. Edward W. Pysher
  34. W. R. Reabold Jr.
  35. Robert J. Reagan
  36. Jimmie W. Richardson
  37. Wayne A. Ruggles
  38. Joseph A. Rutkowski
  39. Leslie R. Sabo
  40. George E. Sandt
  41. Joseph F. Schweyer
  42. J. C. Schneeberger Jr.
  43. Richard C. Schaffer
  44. James D. Schubert
  45. Wilhelm R. Schultz
  46. Thomas E. Scott
  47. Joseph C. Sebastiano
  48. Alan W. Sheffield
  49. Ronald C. Smith
  50. Frederick H. Strawn
  51. Robert E. Sutton
  52. A.W. Treffinger III
  53. Robert N. Wahl
  54. William S. Wead Jr.
  55. James F. Wescoe
  56. Samuel J. Wilhelm
  57. Donald J. Winterhalt
  58. James A. Wood
  59. Richard F. Yost
  60. John D. Miller

Navy Boot Camp Recruit Photos - Company 55-291

Company 55-291 Recruits, Page 1

Company 55-291 Recruits, Page 1 | GGA Image ID # 16994593b7

Company 55-291 Recruits, Page 2

Company 55-291 Recruits, Page 2 | GGA Image ID # 15b3ae85c5

Company 55-291 Recruits, Page 3

Company 55-291 Recruits, Page 3 | GGA Image ID # 1a2f1cf26b

Company 55-291 A Letter From Captain W. J. Catlett, Jr., USN

Company 55-291 A Letter From Captain W. J. Catlett, Jr., USN
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As you have read through this book, I am sure you have captured some pride in the accomplishment of a fine young American.

He is now in the second phase of his naval career, a graduate of basic recruit training.

While under my command, many fine ideals and traditions of the Naval Service have been made a part of his training. The purpose of this training can best be expressed in one word "GROWTH" :

  • Growth in knowledge and understanding of the Naval Service;
  • growth in faith and belief in the moral and spiritual values of life;
  • growth in confidence and capacity to serve God, Country and Self.

By successfully completing his basic training, he has demonstrated the fact that the opportunity for individual achievement is a fundamental right and responsibility of citizenship.

I sincerely hope that he will continue to grow and to believe in the value of individual improvement and thereby take advantage of the many opportunities available in the Naval Service.

Faithfully yours,

/s/ W. J. Catlett, Jr.

Captain, U. S. Navy


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