Navy Boot Camp Book 1954 Company 23W The Compass

Front Cover, Great Lakes USNTC "The Compass" 1954 Company 23W.

Front Cover, Great Lakes USNTC "The Compass" 1954 Company 23W. GGA Image ID # 12b7f83e24

Roster for WAVE Recruit Company 23W for 1954, United States Naval Training Center, Bainbridge, Maryland. Company Commander: M. Carver, RM1. 38 Women Graduated 27 September 1954.

Company 54-23W Organization

  • Organization: 31st Battalion, 3rd Regiment
  • Commenced Training: 30 July 1954
  • Completed Training: 27 September 1954

Company 54-23W Command Officers

Assistant Chief
of Naval Personnel for Women

CAPTAIN LOUISE K. WILDE, U.S.N., fourth director of the WAVES, has been Assistant Chief of Naval Personnel for Women since relieving retired Captain Joy Bright Hancock, U.S.N., on I June 1953. She is a former newspaper woman and educator who has been in the Navy since August, 1942.

Her Navy assignments have included serving with each of the previous WAVE directors and have taken her to Hawaii, where she was District Director for the 4,000 WAVES in that area. Prior to the assumption of her present duties she was assigned to the Staff of Commander, Western Sea Frontier, in San Francisco, as Assistant Director, Shipping Control Division.

A native of Concord, N. H., Captain Wilde attended the public schools in that city and received her B.A. degree from Mount Holyoke College in 1931. In 1941, she received her M.A. degree from Columbia University.

She worked for several years as a newspaper woman and was Director of Publicity at Mount Holyoke College. She was also Assistant to the President and the Freshman Dean at Rockford College in Illinois.

Captain Wilde holds the Bronze Star Medal, Commendation Metal Pendant, American Area Campaign Medal, Asiatic-Pacific Area Campaign Medal, World War II Victory Medal, and the National Defense Service Medal.

Officer-in-Charge Recruit Training for Women in the Navy

LIEUTENANT COMMANDER JEAN M. STEWART, U.S.N., reported to the Recruit Training Command for duty as Officer-in- Charge of Recruit Training (W) in December 1952. Just prior to assuming her present duties,

Miss Stewart was Assistant for Women and Assistant Personnel Officer on the staff of the Chief of Naval Air Training at the Naval Air Station, Pensacola, Florida.

A graduate of Mills College, Oakland, California, Miss Stewart was first commissioned an Ensign in the Naval Reserve in March 1943. Her first duty was with an Advanced Base Outfitting Detachment of the Amphibious Training Command at Port Hueneme, California, where she served as Administrative Assistant until April 1945.

This assignment was followed by duty, also in administration, on the staff of the Commander, Western Sea Frontier, with headquarters in San Francisco, California.

In August 1946 she was transferred to Washington, D. C., where her assignments included duty in the Office of Naval Material, the Bureau of Aeronautics, the Air Transport Section of the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations and on the staff of the Commander, Fleet Logistic Air Wings, as Assistant Air Traffic Coordinator.

In recognition of her services during World War II, Miss Stewart was awarded the American Area Campaign Medal and the Victory Medal.

Company 54-23W NCO Instructors

  1. J. M. Stewart, LCDR, USN - OinC, RT(W)
  2. M. T. Flynn, Lt., USN - Regimental Commander
  3. L. F. McCarty, Lt., USNR - Instruction Officer
  4. V. Atkinson, Lt., USNR - Personnel Officer
  5. B. R. Tennant, Lt., USN - Schedule & Uniform Officer
  6. B. J. Ross, Lt., USNR - Materiel Officer
  7. L. J. Fox, Lt.(jg), USN - 31st Battalion Commander
  8. H. F. Burczak, Lt.(ig), USNR - Instructor Training & Training Aids Officer
  9. L. Williamson, Ens., USNR - 32nd Battalion Commander
  10. N. B. LaBonte, Ens., USNR - Physical Training Officer
  11. M. Anderson, PN2, USN - Battalion Adjutant
  12. L.  M. C. Baker, YN1, USN - Company Commander
  13. B. P. Brooks, PN2, USN - Regimental Clerk
  14. M. V. Brown, SHSA, USN - Beauty Shop
  15. T. C. Bukousky, YN1, USN - Instruction
  16. P. M. Callahan, PNSN, USN - Physical Training
  17. B. M. Carver, RMI, USN - Company Commander
  18. C. F. Clabes, SN, USN - Uniforming
  19. S. L. Crowe, SN, USN – Materiel
  20. J. Davis, SN, USN – Regimental
  21. A. M. DeLeo, YNC, USN - Company Commander
  22. B. L. Deno, SN, USN - Physical Training
  23. A. G. Dilanjian, SKI, USN - Company Commander
  24. M. D. Doherty, YNC, USN - Company Commander
  25. A. Dorian, PN2, USN - Schedule
  26. H. K. Duggan, PN2, USN - Instruction
  27. F. G. Franklin, HM1, USN - Physical Training
  28. M. L. Franklin, AKC, USN - Materiel
  29. M. A. Gay, SKC, USN - Regimental Adjutant
  30. M. E. Graham, AC3, USN - Materiel
  31. A. H. Hall, AK1, USN – Instruction
  32. M. O. Hall, PNC, USN - OinC Yeoman
  33. R.  P. Hance, PN3, USN - Personnel
  34. H. I. Harris, PN2, USN - Materiel
  35. H. C. Harty, YN1, USN - Instruction
  36. S.  Haskin, PNSN, USN - Instruction
  37. A. D. Hayes, YN1, USN - Company Commander
  38. E. R. Hicks, PNC, USN - Company Commander
  39. R. L. Hoctor, PNC, USN - Instruction
  40. K. Howrigan, SN, USN - Materiel
  41. R. M. Hydzik, HM1, USN - Physical Training
  42. A. M. James, PN3, USN - Physical Training
  43. W. F. Jones, AKC, USN - Company Commander
  44. L. G. King, PN2, USN - Materiel
  45. H. Kostohryz, SKCA, USN - Instruction
  46. K.  L. Langdon, AK1, USN - Materiel
  47. L. E. Long, PN3, USN - Materiel
  48. M. A. Long, SKC, USN - Company Commander
  49. F. H. Meehan, SH1, USN - Beauty Shop
  50. M. M. Millar, DK1, USN – Personnel
  51. T. M. Mish, SA, USN - 31st Battalion Clerk
  52. P. A. Muenchow, TEM1, USNR - Company Commander
  53. M. A. Nielsen, PNSN, USN - Instruction
  54. M. L. Pearson, SK2, USN - Instruction
  55. M. Petee, SKI, USN - Drill
  56. N. G. Pickett, PN1, USN - Company Commander
  57. J. Raftell, SN, USN - Materiel
  58. N. B. Redditt, DK2, USN - Instruction
  59. C. L. Richardson, SN, USN -  32nd Battalion Clerk
  60. F. G. Richardson, YNC, USN - Company Commander
  61. O. P. Rowan, SKI, USN - Company Commander
  62. M. E. Roush, PNC, USN - Company Commander
  63. M. E. Russ, PN3, USN - Personnel
  64. N. C. Sinclair, PNSN, USN - Instruction
  65. V. L. Smalczeski, YN1, USN – Instruction
  66. G. Thacker, SN, USN - Materiel
  67. L. L. Thompson, YN1, USN – Uniforming
  68. A. B. Umsted, SN, USN - Physical Training
  69. M. Vigen, SKI, USN - Materiel
  70. R. Vincent, SN, USN - Materiel
  71. E. C. Wadsworth, DK3, USN - Drill
  72. V. H. Waskow, DKC, USN - Company Commander
  73. A. B. Watson, PNSN, USN - Physical Training
  74. E. H. Wedemeyer, DK1, USN – Instruction
  75. L. E. Wentworth, YN1, USN - Instruction

Company 54-23W Leadership

  • Company Commander: M. Carver, RM1

Company 54-23W Recruit Roster

  1. Joyce A. Auxt - Duncannon, Pa.
  2. Ruby L. Boelter - Hebron, III.
  3. Joan R. Bresnahan - North Syracuse, N. Y.
  4. Jean A. Brewster - Burlington, Vt.
  5. Shirley A. Brown - Reading, Pa.
  6. Camilla Cranton - Norwell, Mass.
  7. Helen J. Darby - West Linn, Ore
  8. Elinor G. Davis - Rome, Ga.
  9. Annette H. Desilets - Woonsocket, R. I.
  10. Ruth E. Eipper - Port Byron, III.
  11. Virginia M. Ellis - Waltham, Mass.
  12. Mary D. Everett - Fort Gibson, Oklahoma
  13. Joanne First - Tehachapi, Calif.
  14. Beverly J. Fuss - Raymond, Wash.
  15. Betty K. Hinderliter - Glasford, III.
  16. Josephine K. Johnson - Greybull, Wyo.
  17. Alice J. Kunert - Detroit, Mich.
  18. June L. Laster - Clifton, N. J.
  19. Marilyn A. Lawler - Seattle, Wash.
  20. Edith E. Manning - Olathe, Kan.
  21. Mae H. Martin - Pasay City, Philippine Island
  22. Eleanor G. Miller - Mechanicsburg, Pa.
  23. Virginia A. O'Donnell - Lynn, Mass.
  24. Gerry M. Owens - Monticello, Ark.
  25. Marcia A. Papanek - Kenosha, Wis.
  26. Doris R. Parnell - Savannah, Ga.
  27. Pearl T. Provencher - Manchester, N. H.
  28. Billie R. Ray - Camanche, Iowa
  29. Pauline G. Reardon - Lowell, Mass.
  30. Iva L. Roberts - Oakland, Calif.
  31. Joan M. Sherman - Hoosick Falls. N. Y.
  32. Mildred E. Simpson - Clinton, Iowa
  33. Mary E. Smart - Fairbury, Neb.
  34. Roberta E. Spangler - Niagara Falls, N. Y.
  35. Georgia A. Stier - Oregon City, Ore.
  36. Faye R. Sturgell - Lake Charles, La.
  37. Carolyn J. Tisdale - Lakeworth, Fla.
  38. Patricia A. Wardley - Baltimore, Md.

Navy Boot Camp Recruit Photos - Company 54-23W

Company 54-23W Commanding Officers, Page 1.

Company 54-23W Commanding Officers, Page 1. GGA Image ID # 12b81aea02

Company 54-23W Non-Commissioned Officers, Page 2.

Company 54-23W Non-Commissioned Officers, Page 2. GGA Image ID # 12b8a2753b

Company 54-23W Non-Commissioned Officers, Page 3.

Company 54-23W Non-Commissioned Officers, Page 3. GGA Image ID # 12b8d2808d

Company 54-23W Non-Commissioned Officers, Page 4.

Company 54-23W Non-Commissioned Officers, Page 4. GGA Image ID # 12b8db6f2d

Company 54-23W Non-Commissioned Officers, Page 5.

Company 54-23W Non-Commissioned Officers, Page 5. GGA Image ID # 12b9255894

Company 54-23W Non-Commissioned Officers, Page 6.

Company 54-23W Non-Commissioned Officers, Page 6. GGA Image ID # 12b98c8dde

Company 54-23W Non-Commissioned Officers, Page 7.

Company 54-23W Non-Commissioned Officers, Page 7. GGA Image ID # 12b998fe9e

Company 54-23W Recruits, Page 8.

Company 54-23W Recruits, Page 8. GGA Image ID # 12b9cf1e41

Company 54-23W Recruits, Page 9.

Company 54-23W Recruits, Page 9. GGA Image ID # 12b9cfb132

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