The Tri-Cabin O'Day 37 Yacht. An Optimum Coastwise Cruiser. (1977)

The Tri-Cabin O'Day 37 Yacht

There are two ways to look at the new O'Day tri-cabin 37 Sailboat.

  1. the most coastwise cruiser you can get for about $40,000.*
  2. the most privacy for six you can get for about $40,000.

Neither is an accident. And while it's not hard to find the same features on a boat for sixty to ninety thousand dollars, it's hard to find twenty to thirty thousand dollars of difference between the boats.

More for less.

The Tri-Cabin O'Day 37 Yacht. An Optimum Coastwise Cruiser

John Deknatel and the Hunt Associates' designers bring a unique point of view to every O'Day model. They knew that as an O'Day, the 37 had to be a serious sailboat. And an easy boat for one couple to handle. And a durable value on the boating market.

So they formulated their concept around an easily-driven, not-especially-beamy hull.

Underway, the 37 feels and tracks as solid as a big boat with an old-fashioned underbody. Yet the keel is neither long nor massive. Control is gained by building a long skeg in front of a large spade rudder.

The deep, bunk-sized cockpit is set somewhat aft (for dryness and better visibility) and well into the hull (no "fly bridge" feeling as on many aft cabin boats). A sea hood and coaming protect the cockpit from spray. And nothing about the rig requires a bruiser to handle the gear.

Trading a walk-through for success.

The 37's moderate hull profile, inset cockpit, smart windward performance, graceful accommodations and ultimate privacy can all be traced to one key decision – the elimination of a walk-through between the main and aft cabins.

While no one would deny the desirability of such a feature, that one convenience would virtually guarantee the failure of every other part of the boat. Freeboard would go up (and the cockpit with it). Interior roominess would go down. And a cockpit locker and tank would go away.

Without the handicap of a walk-through, the main cabin is huge, open and wonderfully functional. The entertaining and cooking area spans the aft part of the main cabin, with icebox and bar area to starboard (sufficient for the most hospitable host), and full-sized galley to port (obliging for the most adventuresome sea cook). At night, it converts to an outrageous stateroom for two.

The forward cabin is a true stateroom, as well, with full standing headroom and locker space. The bunks, of course, are huge and luxurious. Two more happy crew!

The head area closes off for privacy without sealing off the forward cabin, or expands to include the passageway as a shower.

Aft, the master's stateroom is a cozy, self-contained retreat for skipper and mate – a big fore-and-aft double berth, private head and shower and even a comfortable couch for reading, navigating or just sitting around.

Schematic of the O'Day 37 Yacht - 1977. Click For Larger Image.

Caribbean bound.

The ultimate confirmation of the 37's success comes in its selection by West Indies Yachts for the expansion of their charter fleet. And, in the Caribbean, either a boat is popular, airy, comfortable, rugged and fun, or it gathers barnacles at its mooring.

Talk it over with your O'Day dealer. Visit the plant and see your O'Day 37 Yacht building. But, whatever you do, don't pass up the chance to own the coastwise cruiser of your dreams.

*approximate sailaway suggested list price

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