O'Day Fleet of Sailboats and Yachts

A peek at one of the finest sailboat lines in the world. Of course, we're the first to agree that even all these pages of photographs and descriptions can't simulate the excitement, enjoyment, and carefree fun and thrills of day sailing, racing, or cruising aboard an O'Day sailboat or yacht.

O'Day  Sales Information and Specifications (1966)

O'Day Daysailer

The sailboat by O'Day offers excellent performance and speed for the seasoned sailor. Designed by Uffa Fox, you'll notice the remarkable ease of sailing along with the stability needed for the casual skipper and his family.


O'Day  II Sailboat

O'Day II Sailboat

The II sailboat featured positive foam flotaon, the addition of two cockpit inspection/bailing ports, safety features were added in 1971, along with a self-bailing cockpit. She can be righted if capsized, just by the weight of the crew. A great boat for family fun and racing.


'Day Flying Saucer High-Speed Planing Sailboat

O'Day Flying Saucer Sailboat

Designed by Andy Kostanecki, the O'Day Flying Saucer sailboat has a dynamic gull-wing design fiberglass hulls with an unusually low wetted surface allowing her to plane in twelve-knot winds. A real, high-speed planing boat with a self-tending jib.


O'Day Funfish Sailboat Sales Information and Specifications (1966)

O'Day Funfish Sailboat

The O'Day Funfish sailboat, weighing in at a lofty 115 pounds, is perfect for the family member learning to sail. The 13' 9" Fiberglass construction provided durability. O'Day offered the Funfish with a white hull with either a red or blue deck. The boat's nylon sails were produced in either red or blue stripes.


The Interclub IC Sailboat looks great and seat two comfortably

O'Day Interclub IC Sailboat

The O'Day Interclub (IC), designed by Sparkman & Stephens, is the only approved fiberglass model with all of the charm of the original dinghy into an updated, contemporary package that's extremely dry and stable. Among its features are an anodized aluminum mast and molded-in waterline stripe.


O'Day International Tempests: We've Just Taken Over (1969)

O'Day International Tempest Sailboat

The multi-award-winning O'Day International Tempest is a 22-foot, two-man keelboat designed by Britain's Ian Proctor. Known for remarkably high maneuverability, it has become a top-performing planing keelboat.


O'Day Javelin Sailboat

O'Day Javelin 14-foot Dinghy Sailboat

Six persons are comfortable in Javelin's large cockpit that's nearly 10' long with contoured seats molded the full length. Beneath the foredeck, behind a lockable hatch, is loads of dry storage for sails, lunch, and gear, and an insulated icebox is built into the cockpit seat as standard equipment.


O'Day Kitten Sailboat Sales Information and Specifications (1966)

O'Day Kitten Sailboat

The O'Day Kitten is perfect personal sailboat - the lightest boat manufactured by O'Day. Designed for the beginning sailer but perfect for an experienced sailer.


O'Day Mariner Sailboat

O'Day Mariner Sailboat

The perfect balance between her proven hull design and seven-eighths sail plan provide maneuverability, speed and ease of handling seldom found in a boat that's comfortable for six by day and equipped to cruise four.


O'Day Mariner 2-2 Sailboat

O'Day Mariner 2+2 Sailboat

Mariner is a great boat if you just plain like sailing. The perfect balance between her proven hull design and seven-eights sail plan provide maneuverability, speed and ease of handling.


Introducing The O'Day 12. O'Day Reinvents The Basic Sailboat. (1976)

O'Day 12 Sailboat

The O'Day 12 Sailboat is an unusual combination of simplicity and great sophistication. She's easy to sail and quick to rig—but she's also fitted with "fine-tune" controls like boom yang, outhaul, Cunningham and a flexible three-part tapered mast.


The O'Day 20 Sailboat

O'Day 20 Sailboat

The O'Day 20... a perfect young-family boat. A cabin top with full fiberglass headliner for that expensive, big boat look. A deep centerboard for stability and a shallow 14" draw for in-close handling. The centerboard is enclosed within the keel, no part projects into the cabin.


The brand new O'Day 22 Sailboat - 1973 Print Advertisement.

O'Day 22 Sailboat

The O'Day 22's fixed, long, thin keel with permanent inside lead ballast is truly a design breakthrough. Combined with our hard bilged hull...the 22's stability and performance in all kinds of weather will surprise the most experienced sailors.


O'Day 23 Sailboat

O'Day 23 Sailboat

The cabin area is molded as a one-piece section extending from the bow to the cockpit. This adds strength to the hull and eliminates many seams and joints… making the 23's cabin easy to clean and maintain.


O'Days Newest Sailboat - the O'Day 25 - 1974 Print Advertisement.

O'Day 25 Sailboat

The O'Day 25 is ready to travel on a trailer to distant regattas. Or, on an extended family cruise. Her graceful lines make her sail as prettily as her sleek looks tell you she will. O'Day backs her with the 2 year Gold Medal warranty . . and with pride.


The O’Day 27, A Winning Combination of Ideas

O'Day 27 Sailboat

The O'Day 27 sailboat was designed by Alan Gurney and really is what many promise to be – a family cruiser that can race and do well. What makes the 27 comfortable? Room, for a start – in a handsome airy main salon that has a decidedly custom smell about it.



O'Day 28 Sailboat

Raymond Hunt Associates created a remarkable yacht — a modestly-priced 28-footer that gives up nothing in roominess and style. Its layout is classically symmetrical — uncompromised by cutouts, footwells, zig-zags or deck lumps.


The Party Is On the O'Day 30

O'Day 30 Sailboat

The O'Day 30 Sailboat is a boat that invites you to stretch for that seductive next horizon, and has the legs to get you there. And it's nice to know that if you get bitten by the racing bug, you've got all the boat you'll ever need.


Cruising to the Comfort Rule - Ask the Experts How It's Done - 1977 Brochure

O'Day 32 Sailboat

Hard bilges, beaminess, and a favorable ballast to-displacement ratio contribute to the stability of The O'Day 32. She is also equipped with a lightning ground. Her rigging has been swagged instead of nicropressed. Her mast is stepped on the keel. Her hull and keel are of one-piece construction.


Relaxing With Friends around the O'Day 34

O'Day 34 Sailboat

For all families in love with the experiences of cruising under sail, John Deknatel and C. Raymond Hunt Associates have created the new O'Day 34 for sailors who yearn for the style and detailing of a Cal or C&C, but not that level of financial commitment.


What an O'Day for a Daydream - the Tri-Cabin O'Day 37

O'Day 37 Sailboat

The O'Day 37 puts real sailing back into tri-cabin yachting by offering isolationist privacy for six or deck and cockpit mingling for double that number. The cockpit's for mingling, the aft complex indulges the skipper's pride of ownership, the forward stateroom spoils the special guests, and the main salon's for entertaining and putting up extras.


The New O'Day 39 Speed, Power, Space and Strength

O'Day 39 Sailboat

The O'Day 39 has four separate cabins with berths for up to 10. Two heads with showers. For the racing sailor a boat you can push harder, faster, and longer. For the cruising sailor a secure boat you can trust for years of offshore passage making.


O'Day Ospray Sailboat Sales Information and Specifications (1966)

O'Day Ospray Sailboat

The O'Day Ospray can be rigged to sail with spinnaker. She's perfectly balanced — and light enough to trail and launch easily. There's an outboard well, too, that will carry up to a 7 hp motor. A real fun boat --- and a sound investment.


Enjoying a day on the water on an O'Day Outlaw Sailboat

O'Day Outlaw 26 Sailboat

When you're racing -- or just in a hurry --you'll find Outlaw an extremely eager boat. Her hull was designed with far less wetted surface, following the trend to narrower keels to improve speed and maneuverability. She'll respond to the lightest breezes, and she handles admirably even under heavy weather conditions.


Rhodes 19

O'Day Rhodes 19 Sailboat

Racing or cruising, the Rhodes 19 offers plenty of gear and comfort. Her deep cockpit seats 6 on wide, comfortable seats with solid flotation inside. Well-matched to the rugged, displacement hull, the rig is strong, simple and powerful.


O'Day Seven/Eleven (7/11) Sailboat Sales Information and Specifications (1966)

O'Day Seven/Eleven (7/11) Sailboat

The O'Day SEVEN/ELEVEN is the perfect all-around boat, beautifully molded In fiberglass. Light to handle, rows with practically no effort can't sink and extremely easy to handle as a sailboat. Budget priced, she represents today's best value in the small boat and yacht tender category.


O'Day Snark Sailboat Sales Information and Specifications (1966)

O'Day Snark Sailboat

The 12-Foot O'Day Snark is a great personal sailboat sure to please the beginner sailer with ease of handling under a varety of conditions. The Snark sailboat comes complete with a nylon main and jib in your choice of red or blue stripes on sail.


The Versitle O'Day Sprite Sailboat

O'Day Sprite Sailboat

The O'Day Sprite sailboat is designed for training youngsters to sail, with built-in buoyancy tanks, and with room to seat four youngsters, makes the perfect investment for your kids or grandchildren.


O'Day Swift and Super Swift Sailboat

O'Day Swift and Super Swift Sailboats

They're ultra-maneuverable … and they're so portable you can store them just about anywhere. With features like a recessed self-bailing cockpit and foam-packed glassed-together hull and deck for positive flotation, you can be righted and on your way again in less than a minute after a capsize.


The O'Day Tempest Sailboat

O'Day Tempest Sailboat

The O'Day Tempest combines a fast racing boat that's also a family boat. A boat designed for day sailing, racing, and long and short cruising by Philip L. Rhodes. A large cockpit and a simple boom tent make room for four in two separate cabins.


O'Day Widgeon Sailboat

O'Day Widgeon Sailboat

There are over 2,650 O'Day Gold Medal Widgeons providing sailing experience and fun today. She can be easily trailered and a snap to launch and rig single-handed… a delight for every member of the family to sail wherever and whenever you wish.


The New 1971 O'Day Yngling Sailing on the Open Waters.

O'Day Yngling Sailboat

The Yngling's sailing performance is assured by modern design: Fin keel and spade rudder for maximum control on all points of sail and minimum wetted surface.

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