O'Day Gold Medal Cruising Fleet for 1974

O'Day 23 Convertible Top - 1974 Print Advertisement.

O'DAY 23 Convertible Top

Race with confidence, cruise in comfort. A sweet-handling boat with a cabin top that pops up to give you two extra feet of headroom. Trailer it. Camp on it. Enjoy!

Length: 23'.
Beam: 7'11".
Draft: Centerboard up 2', down 5'5".
Sail Area: 245 sq. ft.


O'Day 22 Sailboat - Gold Medal Fleet for 1974

O'DAY 22

Sail in close … she draws only 23 inches! The sleekest family cruising boat for its price anywhere.

Length: 21'8",
Beam: 7'2"..
Draft: 23".
Sail Area: 196 sq. ft.


O'Day 20 Sailboat - 1974 Print Advertisement.

O'DAY 20

Has 14" keel, will trailer… even with a small car. A moderate size craft with big-boat features. A pleasure to sail.

Length: 19'8".
Beam: 7'.
Draft: Centerboard up 14", 1 down 4'5".
Sail Area: 174 sq. ft.


O'Day Mariner Sailboat - 1974 Gold Medal Cruising Fleet.


The one that women can't resist. Handsome, fast, and rich with compact features.

Length: 19'2".
Beam: 7'.
Draft: Centerboard up 10", down 4'11".
Sail Area: 185 sq. ft.


O'Day 1974 Gold Medal Cruising Fleet - 1974 Print Advertisement.


O'Day Fall River Massachusetts 02720

Today's best-built sailboats. Safe. Easy-to-sail. Backed by a 2-year warranty.

Now … manufacturing facilities in California, Indiana, and Massachusetts for shipping economy, parts availability and improved service.

The O'Day Gold Medal Fleet...9 Great Boats from 12' to 27'. Send $1. for Catalogs plus 38-page book "Have Fun Learning to Sail" to Dept. Y64


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