O'Day 30: Raceable, Performance-Based Voyaging (1978)

What an O'Day for a Daydream - 1978 Print Advertisement for O'Day Yachts.

THE NEW O'DAY 30. You're up with the gulls, dawn mist softening a breeze that hasn't brushed another face since it left a different continent.

Oh, you could probably enjoy sunrises and sunsets from just about any boat.

But the O'Day 30 makes the voyaging in between as refreshing and vital as being outward-bound at dawn and bounding-home at dusk.

John Deknatel and the Hunt Associates' designers created the biggest 30 footer on the market and infused it with rock solid stability and absolutely sparkling performance.

The O'Day 30 is really two brand new boats — a center-boarder for shoal draft convenience, and a raceable fixed-keel version for maximum performance on the wind in a breeze. (It thumped just about all of the stock MORCs at the 1977 Block Island Week.)

Down below, the 30 just feels like a place you want to be. Snug and cozy on a rainy spring evening.

Open and airy on a warm summer day. And when sleepiness pays off all the fresh air sailing activity, six of you are rewarded with two soft double berths, a bunk-and-a- half quarter berth and an entirely satisfactory settee.

The New O'Day 30 - Offshore Cruisers - Yachts by O'Day

Next morning whoever's elected to pile on the breakfast will find the L-shaped galley spacious and organized, functional and safe, and abundantly supplied with fresh air.

Before you find more boat, you'll find yourself looking at 40 footers.

Ideal Family Cruiser

The brand-new OT)ay 30 is a boat designed with all the features for a perfect family cruiser.

She's big enough below for the space a family requires — but not so big she'd overwhelm a family crew under sail. She has generous bunks for five, a roomy "L"-shaped galley and a spacious private head.

And there's a seaworthy hull in both shoal and optional deep keel versions. And a standard inboard engine for carefree handling on a cruise.

See a new O'Day 30 At boat shows across the country. Or write for our free 16 page color brochure on all the O'Day Yachts.

Study the plans. Linger on the photos. And dream the dreams that sailors share.

The New O'Day 30 What An O'Day For A Daydream

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