The O'Day 30 Yacht: When the Race is Over, The Party's On Us. (1981)

The Party Is On the O'Day 30

Out on the race course, the big old O'Day 30 can really thunder, often to the discomfort of the specialized racers.

The O'Day 30: When the Race is Over. 1981 Print Advertisement.

But since racing is such a transient pleasure, John Deknatel and the designers at C. Raymond Hunt Associates have provided the hefty, wide-body 30 with accommodations suitable for living and entertaining on a grand scale.

So win or lose, we're betting that the post-race crowd will gather where it's most comfortable.

And without trying hard, you may end up with six for breakfast the next day.

Yachting on the Oday 30

The O'day 30

Please write for a brochure on the O'Day 30, 37, 28 or the new 34. Because O'Day has been building fine yachts, affordable trailerables and great daysailers for 23 years, and we know what you want.

O'Day 37; O'Day 34; O'Day 30; O'Day 28
Trailerable Fleet: O'Day 25, 23 and 22
Daysailer Fleet: O'Day 19, 17' Day Sailer and new 15

Fall River, MA 02722

GGA REF: BPODY-040-1981-C-AD

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