The O'Day 37: 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths at 8 Knots (1982)

The Luxurious Tri-Cabin O'Day 37 Cruiser

It's the O'Day 37 Yacht. A luxurious tri-cabin cruiser with big boat amenities and comfort. An exhilarating performer with racer/cruiser responsiveness and sailability.

The double stateroom aft with separate head area offers total privacy. The forward cabin with another head accommodates two more and all their gear.

The O'Day 37 - 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths at 8 Knots. 1982 Print Advertisement

The main cabin entertains crowds by day and converts to an ample retreat for two by night.

The O'Day 37 Sailboat is also fast and exciting. Solid and trustworthy. A real blue water cruising yacht that's regularly sailed offshore from Miami to the Virgin Islands. Yet easily handled by a couple out for a weekend escape.

It should be no surprise that the O'Day 37 Yacht is a popular choice with charter operators in the Caribbean, Greece, Turkey and elsewhere.

Leaders such as Annapolis Sailing School make extensive use of these 37's in their training programs in the Atlantic, Pacific and Caribbean.

For a color brochure on the O'Day 37 or the other O'Day yachts use the coupon.

Views of the Stateroom on the O'Day 37

The O'Day 37 Yacht

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GGA REF: BPODY-044-1982-C-AD

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