The O'Day 25 Yacht: Maxitrailerable 25 Footer is King of the Road (1979)

The O'Day 25 Maxitrailerable 25 Foot Yacht is King of the Road.

O'Day knows that if adventures aren't limited by shorelines, good times can't be limited by poor performance. So we built a maxitrailerable 25 footer that can hit the road like a Greyhound scenicruiser, and still hit the water like a scolded dog.

The performance standard that John Deknatel and the Hunt Associates' designers created for the O'Day 25 Sailboat has been a rude shock to many a hot MORC racer. Yet the interior squeezes every inch of usability out of a very big space.

Whereas some 25 footers are designed to sleep five, the O'Day makes five feel right at home, and stows their gear as well. The forward cabin is a double.

The head, sink and vanity are enclosed. The galley is sensibly aft where air is plentiful. In a pinch, the cockpit can hold eight.

But big as it is, the 25 Yacht retains a clean and classic yachty look. And popular as it is in the centerboard model O'Day also offers the 25 Sailboat in a fixed keel version for those who would sacrifice easy trailering for ultimate performance.

Put the O'Day in the hands of a young cruising family an will seduce them into summers of controlled indolence. Put it in the hands of a young hotblood, and it will startle the local MORC and PHRF racing fleets.

So if you and your family are ready to push back a few horizons, the O'Day 25 Yacht is right behind you. Because O'Day has been building affordable trailerables, daysailers and yachts for 20 years, and we know what you want.

The O'Day 25 Trailerable Yacht

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Bangor Punta Marine

Fall River, Massachusetts 02722

Additional manufacturing facilities in Costa Mesa, California

GGA REF: BPODY-034-1979-C-AD-2

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