O'Day Sailboat & Yacht Videos

Selection of videos found on YouTube that feature various O'Day Sailboat and Yacht models from the Bangor Punta era.

Oday Daysailer / '71 O'Day DSll Dashaway Maiden Voyage @ Stony Creek

Daysailer Regatta @ Morro Bay Yacht Club

1978 O'day 25 Sailboat

Oday 22 - Raising the Sails

Short Sail in Penetang harbor showin the raising of the jib & mainsail.

O'Day 23 Sailboat Singlehanded Sailing Buzzards Bay in late June

O’Day 39 Tri-Cabin "Osprey" sailing on Lake Michigan in 2015

Sailboat Story - First Days Living Aboard on an O'Day

When Rigging Fails

Because sometimes it just does, although our takeaway here was: check your chafe points. But, we were surprised to see our mast (even with a rotten base) stood up to some of the heaviest forces she has ever seen. This was, easily, our worst sail ever on the boat.

Sailing in my O'Day 22 Sailboat (Stern Mounted Camera)

Sailing with Andre and his family in a breezy day. Andre had family visiting from Germany. We had the main reefed and jib up on a close-hauled course.

Sailing my O'Day 25 Siesta Key to Marco Island

Join me as I sail my 25' O'Day from Siesta Key down the West coast of Florida to Marco Island. But of course it's not all smooth sailing! See how the 25 foot boat looks sitting in 6 inches of water!


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