O'Day Flying Saucer Sailboat

Designed by Andy Kostanecki, the O'Day Flying Saucer sailboat has a dynamic gull-wing design fiberglass hulls with an unusually low wetted surface allowing her to plane in twelve-knot winds. A real, high-speed planing boat with a self-tending jib.

The Flying Saucer features foam-packed positive flotation and can be righted if capsized. Its self-draining cockpit empties fast. The design exhibits exceptional performance in light breezes with two people.

'Day Flying Saucer High-Speed Planing Sailboat

O'Day 1967 Flying Saucer High-Speed Planing Sailboat

This high-speed planing sailboat has a self-tending jib and a bendy rig that automatically adjusts the molded sail shape — no matter what the weather.


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