Swift and Super Swift Sailboats from O'Day

They're ultra-maneuverable … and they're so portable you can store them just about anywhere. With features like a recessed self-bailing cockpit and foam-packed glassed-together hull and deck for positive flotation, you can be righted and on your way again in less than a minute after a capsize.

O'Day Swift and Super Swift Sailboat

1967 O'Day Swift and Super Swift Sailboat

Sailboarding! The word conjures up images combining the excitement of sailing with the thrills of surfing -- and that's just about what happens.


Learning to Sail is Fun on the New 1971 O'Day Super Swift Sailboat.

The New 1971 O'Day Swift & Superswift Sailboats

The fun and thrills of sailing are available everywhere you go when you carry one of O'Day's sailboards on your car top or in your wagon. Lightweight, easy to load and launch, Swift and Super Swift combine all of the excitement of sailing with easy portability.


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