O'Day Swift and Super Swift Sailboats with Specifications and Standard Features (1967)

Leaning in on the O'Day Swift Sailboat

Sailboarding! The word conjures up images combining the excitement of sailing with the thrills of surfing -- and that's just about what happens. These little beauties skim across the top of the water like it's glass.

They're ultra-maneuverable … and they're so portable you can store them just about anywhere. With features like a recessed self-bailing cockpit and foam-packed glassed-together hull and deck for positive flotation, you can be righted and on your way again in less than a minute after a capsize. Easily cartoppable -- and easily affordable!

A Line of O'Day Swift Sailboats on Shore


  • Length: 10'4";
  • Beam: 3'2";
  • Draft: Centerboard up 3"; down 3'2";
  • Sail area: 44 sq. ft.


  • Length: 12'8";
  • Beam: 3'8";
  • Draft: Centerboard up 4"; down 3'8";
  • Sail area: 80 sq. ft.


Steering with the Rudder on the Super Swift Sailboat by O'Day

  • Tiller, dagger-board and hand rails of sturdy varnished Philippine Mahogany
  • Stainless steel fittings
  • Balanced lateen rigs
  • Anodized aluminum mast and booms
  • Four ounce nylon sail (red, white and blue)
  • All necessary lines and halyards
  • Positive foam flotation
  • Recessed self-bailing cockpit
  • Molded fiberglass splash rail
  • Drain plug in cockpit
  • Bow handle
  • 6 months warranty.

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O'Day Super Swift - Photo Gallery 1

Heavy Leaning on the Super Swift Sailboat by O'Day

Diagram of the Swift and Super Swift Sailboats by O'Day

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