O'Day Funfish Sailboat Sales Information and Specifications (1966)

O'Day Funfish Sailboat

Here is some information on the O'Day Funfish Sailboat that's perfect for learning to sail in a 13 footer that weighs in at a lofty 115 pounds. Fiberglass construction makes it a durable sailboat.


Length: 13' 9"
Beam: 3'
Draft: daggerboard up 3"; down 2' 7"
Nylon sail: 75 sq. ft.
Weight Complete: approx. 115 lbs.


Fiberglass hull and deck, alum. mast and boom, hull completely foam filled, alum. hand rails, fiberglass rudder and daggerboard, alum. gunwale guard.

Sales Information:

13' 9" white hull, red or blue deck. Complete boat with nylon sail in choice of red or blue stripes on sail $ 395.00

Source: 1966 O'Day Fleet Catalog and Price List Flyer.

GG Archives REF: BPODY-001-1966-C-CAT

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