O'Day 22 Sailboat For Family Cruising (1973)


For an overnight or a week...here's O'Day's Gold Medal answer to family cruising...the brand new O'Day 22. She's a real beauty and priced to provide optimum cruising convenience at the lowest possible cost.


The brand new O'Day 22 Sailboat - 1973 Print Advertisement.


The O'Day 22 is as mobile as you like...easy to trailer to your favorite vacation spot. She can be launched at any boat ramp with average depth and she draws only 23".

Her fixed keel is a very important feature. O'Day was faced with a question of what type of keel to use that combines safety, and performance.

After extensive water testing with our designer, Ray Hunt Associates, we are convinced that the long, thin, fixed keel answers all requirements. It's an innovative idea, proven and tested on the O'Day 23. Actually the keel on the O'Day 22 is 6" deeper.


The O'Day 22


We rejected the deep fixed keel to permit "in-close" family cruising and convenient trailering. We also rejected the swing keel. We wanted better all 'round performance and safety in deep and shallow waters.

The O'Day 22's fixed, long, thin keel with permanent inside lead ballast is truly a design breakthrough. Combined with our hard bilged hull...the 22's stability and performance in all kinds of weather will surprise the most experienced sailors.


Interior View of the O'Day 22


The cockpit is deep and roomy with a starboard stowage locker located under the molded seat.

Hull and deck are glassed together to form one exceptionally strong, leakproof unit. She's self-bailing and self-righting...important safety features for any family. Her balanced outboard rudder is easily removed and provides excellent control. She has a sensible sail plan designed for good performance, yet easy to handle while family cruising.

A "smooth" action sliding hatch opens to a bright, roomy cabin that sleeps four on full length berths. There's ample stowage, too. The cabin top is lined with a textured fiberglass headliner, and the hull


The Trailerable O'Day 22


with textured vinyl. A bulkhead, with a sliding door, separates the forward and aft cabin, and also provides the head compartment with complete privacy.

For all 'round performance and handling, this great family boat offers an unbeatable opportunity for safe sailing and wholesome fun.


Deck Plan of the O'Day 22 Sailboat - Side View - 1973 Catalog


  • Length: 21'8"
  • LWL: 19'
  • Beam: 7'2"
  • Draft: 23"
  • Weight: 1800 Pounds
  • Sail Area: 196 sq. ft.



$2795. Main & Jib $275.

The Standard Price includes as STANDARD EQUIPMENT $414 worth of features and equipment as follows:


Deck Plan of the O'Day 22 Top View - 1973 Catalog



Storage locker (65). All hardware non-corrosive or stainless steel. 2 year warranty. Tabernacle/ mooring and trailing bow eye 125).



Molded in waterline stripe (30). Gold anodized mast and boom (12). All colors molded in. Gold racing stripe (10). Teak toe rail (45).


SAFETY GROUP $130. Value

Positive foam flotation 160). Roller reef ing 112). Stainless steel rigging with swaged terminals (16). Thru-Bolted® mooring and stern cleats (22). Self-righting. Self-bailing cockpit. Non-skid deck. Cockpit drain plug (10). Foam, filled mast and boom (10).



Stainless steel wire halyards with dacron tail (12). Stainless steel rigging with swaged terminals116). ning rigging. Full masthead rig. Quick release cam cleats for main sheet (40). Inside lead ballast.

O'Day builds valuable necessary equipment into each boat as "standard"...for your safety and enjoyment. Compare O'Day's equipment and construction with any other boat for total value and quality.

Prices shown are Suggested Retail. F.O.B. factory.


Cabin Hatch on the O'Day 22


Sailing on the O'Day 22


Source: O'Day 1973 Catalog: O'Day GOld Medal Fleet, P. 5-7



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