The O'Day 32 Sailboat: Keel or Centerboard, It's Home To Those Who Understand Living. (1977)

Enjoying A Cruise on an O'Day 32

Perhaps the key word is "liveable". Oh, the tri-cabin 32 is "cruisable" to be sure -- ready to kidnap six and stretch for far distant horizons.

And it's "sailable" in a way more commonly associated with leaner, more sparely equipped craft. But the word is "liveable", because being aboard an O'Day 32 is to experience the feelings of home in the undeniably romantic atmosphere of a ship at sea.

View of Interior Sleeping Area

Home. Where the heart is.

The designers at Hunt Associates, John Deknatel and his colleagues, created a sailing vessel with privacy for three couples, two in each of three cabins.

And they established a minimum of 6'1" headroom throughout (6'5" in the main salon).

Interior View of the O'Day 32

The roominess is equivalent to a conventional boat of over 40'. Yet the price is equivalent to space-starved conventional boats under 32'.

View of the Galley on the O'Day 32

The master's stateroom aft is a secure command center where the skipper and his mate can get away from it all, yet have the charts at hand and be only a few steps from the binnacle.

They share a double that fills up the whole stern of the boat, a private head with washstand, and a hanging locker.

Interior View of the O'Day 32

The main salon is a gracious gathering area, an open and airy dining place, and a night time private cabin for two special guests.

Aft and starboard, is the nerve center of any boat, the galley. Spacious counters surround an alcohol stove, a sink, an icebox and a pressurized water system.

Ships stores all have their proper place. And while preparing meals, the cook shares in the air, sky and conversations of the cockpit.

View of the Main Saloon - O'Day 32

View of the Main Saloon and Galley of the O'Day 32

A head is tucked away to port with a vanity and sink outboard, and a shower area with pressurized water.

The fo'c'sle is dominated by a huge double V-berth and those lucky enough to share it also share their own hanging locker. Shelves and personal stowage crannies abound, because we know all too well the collector's urges when cruising.

You can take it with you.

Friends Cruising on an O'Day 32

All of these luxuries would be unimportant if the O'Day 32 were just another motorsailer. Its performance is, perhaps, what will surprise you.

For a big boat, it's not particularly chunky, and carries its waterline all the way to the stern. With very little fussing by the crew, the 32 sails vividly enough to suggest fantasies of racing. (Don't even think it!)

Cruising on an O'Day 32

Yet, even the centerboarder charges to weather like a train (small wonder, with a 7'1" draft, board down) and glides downhill on feathers of wind (3'4" draft, board up). The keel version with its 4'6" draft is simpler and more stable.

The classic sloop rig was chosen because it is fast on the beats, spreads sail on the reaches, and can carry a good sized chute downwind.

Yet each sail is small enoligh to be handled by one person.

Crew, kids and guests will be dry and safe in the big, deep center cockpit — some might even choose to spend the night there under the stars.

Standard diesel power will move the 32 at about 7 knots.

Sailing on the O'Day 32

There's a point at which the boat must speak for itself. The 32, in person, is eloquent. Look one over with your O'Day dealer. And prepare yourself to go a little crazy.

The O'Day 32 Keel or Centerboard, It's Home to Those Who Understand Living

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