O'Day Rhodes 19 Sailboat with Specifications and Standard Features (1967)

The O'Day Rhodes 19 Sailboat with full sails

A relative newcomer to the sailing scene — but already one of the largest classes in the country. Today, there are more than 1500 of these handsome boats sailing— over 200 on Long Island Sound alone — in more than thirty racing fleets.

Rhodes 19 took first place in the racing keel division of the 1967 Heavy Weather One-of-a-Kind race held in San Francisco.

Sailing with some friends on the O'Day Rhodes 19 Sailboat

Part of her secret's in the sailing . . . the only way to really appreciate this boat. She can be handled pleasantly and safely whether in calm water or on choppy bays and sounds. Two models — one with centerboard and one with 415-lb. keel —are available.

Her cockpit will hold up to eight, and the shelter cabin keeps two snug during overnight trips. Reasonably priced, of course.

The beauty of sailing is highly visable on the Rhodes 19 Sailboat by O'Day


  • Length: 19' 2";
  • Beam: 7';
  • Draft: Centerboard model up 10"; down 4'11";
  • Keel model 3'3";
  • Sail area: 175 sq. ft.

Diagrams, Top and Side Views, of the O'Day Rhodes 19 Sailboat


  • Outboard well
  • Roller reefing
  • Anodized aluminum spars
  • Cam action main and jib sheet cleats
  • Combination paddle and boom crutch
  • Wire halyards
  • Sail locker in bow
  • Proven hull design
  • Storage rack under rear deck
  • Philippine mahogany floorboards
  • Bow eye (centerboard model)
  • Positive foam flotation
  • Storage shelves under cuddy
  • Drain plug in cockpit
  • Vinyl gunwale guard
  • Adjustable jib sheet leads
  • 2 year warranty.

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