O'Day Gold Medal Sailboat Accessories for 1973

Spinnaker "Turtle" Bag.
Your spinnaker rides neatly and compactly in this lightweight nylon bag that attaches to the sidestay or headstay ready to hoist on an instant's notice.

Cockpit cover.
The cockpit cover can be used regularly when the boat is at the mooring or for extra sleeping shelter.

The Gold Medal Fleet Accessories for 1973

Jib furler.
When you set a spinnaker you want the jib out of the way fast. When you douse the spinnaker you want the jib back just as fast. The jib furler gives you the quickest, neatest way to do both without even touching a halyard. When sailing single handed or in very heavy wind you can reduce your jib area or eliminate it without having to go to the foredeck.

Spinnaker and gear.
For your boat there's a spinnaker and gear engineered for maximum ease of handling and boat speed. Gear includes spinnaker pole, mast fittings, leads for sheet and guy and all other necessary equipment. (Because this gear is distributed throughout the boat it is not photographed here.)

Trailing package.
The mast and boom rest side by side atop the hull for efficient and compact trailing on these special supports that protect the hull and hold the rigging securely.

Lifting sling
Haul the boat faster, safer and with all strain well distributed by this extra-strength sling especially designed for your boat.

Built for O'Day by one of New England's best-known manufacturers of navigation instruments. These compasses are specially gimballed for sailboat use… bracket or flush mounted.

  • 3" Bracket Mount $33. installed $30. uninstalled
  • 4" Bracket Mount $73. installed $70. uninstalled
  • 4" Flush Mount $75. installed $70. uninstalled

Genoa and gear.
A genoa adds tremendously to the speed of your boat. You can handle this bigger sail with ease thanks to a worksaving rig consisting of tracks with adjustable lead blocks, winches and jam cleats.

Cockpit cushions.
These handsome, durable vinyl cushions make a trip more pleasurable for everyone as well as provide additional bunks when you rig the boom tent.

Translucent hatch.
Optional on the O'Day 22 and 23 is a translucent hatch that provides additional ventilation and light for forward areas, extra access for gear, and more safety.

Safe, rugged, long-lasting trailers designed to resist corrosion are available for most O'Day boats, so you can take your O'Day almost anywhere.

  • O'Day 23 Sailboat - Fixed & Pop Top Models… $835.
  • O'Day 22 Sailboat … $445.
  • Rhodes 19 Sailboat … $395.
  • Yngling… $395.
Gold Medal Fleet Accessories - Boom Vang - 1973

Boom yang.
With the mainsheet out, wind pressure against the sail tends to lift the boom. To keep the boom level you take up on the boom yang. You preserve your projected sail area and thus your speed.


Gold Medal Fleet Accessories - Hiking Straps - 1973

Hiking straps.
For better racing performance and when a gust hits, you can keep your boat flat in the water by hiking out. These foot straps running fore and aft on both sides of the cockpit enable you to get more weight outboard… quickly,… and safely.


Gold Medal Fleet Accessories - Adjustable Mast Step - 1973

Adjustable mast step.
When rigging your boat you can precisely adjust your mast to your sails… and to your liking… by means of the adjustable mast step. Rake the mast forward to reduce weather helm. Aft to increase it.


Gold Medal Fleet Accessories - Tabernacle - 1973

A special adaptation for your mast. It makes it safer and easier to rig and unrig the boat. Mast can be lowered to the horizontal without danger of the lower end "kicking out".


Decorative Plaques.

Decorative Plaques.
Handsome stainless steel half-model plaques permanently mounted on a walnut base. Profile line drawing of your class boat permanently etched on brushed steel finish. $21.


Gold Medal Fleet Accessories - Block Action Outhaul - 1973

Block-Action Outhaul.
By letting off on the clew outhaul you slack the tension along the boom. When you trim for a beat, you tighten on the outhaul and the foot is taut again. This outhaul has 2 blocks for faster more effortless adjustment.


Gold Medal Fleet Accessories - Whisker Pole  - 1973

Whisker pole
You're running "wing and wing" before the wind with your jib out to the opposite side from your mainsail. You insert one end of the whisker pole in the clew of the jib and attach the other end to the mast. Thus your jib keeps maximum sail area exposed to the wind.


Gold Medal Fleet Accessories - Cowl Vent - 1973

Cowl vent.
With everyone snug in the forward bunks, the cowl vent provides excellent ventilation. It also helps keep your boat fresh smelling and dry.


Gold Medal Fleet Accessories - Masthead Floatation Device - 1973

Masthead Flotation Device.
Here's a light weight, positive-acting flotation bubble that's actuated by immersion. Even the best-designed boat can "turn turtle" under extreme conditions. In the event of a capsize, a rubber balloon fills with CO2 to help keep mast at water level.


Gold Medal Fleet Accessories - Tiller Extension - 1973

Tiller extension.
When sailing single handed, it's like another arm because it allows you to move forward to adjust lines without letting go of the tiller.


Gold Medal Fleet Accessories - Roller Reefing Claw - 1973

Roller reefing claw.
It's blowing a gale. You reduce the size of your main by rolling part of it around the boom… a process called roller reefing. Then, instead of having to control the mainsheet from the end of the boom you can "grab" the boom at its center with this claw especially designed to be set and removed in seconds without tearing the sail.

Source: O'Day 1973 Catalog: O'Day GOld Medal Fleet, P. 18-19

GG Archives REF: BPODY-010-1972-C-CAT

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