O'Day Seven-Eleven (7-11) Sailboat with Specifications and Standard Features (1967)

Kids using the O'Day Sailboat as a Row Boat

Seven-Eleven makes up in fun and utility what she lacks in size. She's a great family fun boat, and ideal yacht tender, a rowing or outboard dinghy (takes up to a 3 hp motor). Not just for kids — plenty of grownups have gotten their kicks in a Seven-Eleven.

Like all O'Day boats, she's built to last with almost no work on your part. Her light weight makes her a snap to hoist aboard a larger boat, and the two piece mast can be stored inside the hull and rigged quickly and easily.

The O'Day SEVEN/ELEVEN is the perfect all-around boat, beautifully molded In fiberglass. Light to handle, rows with practically no effort can't sink and extremely easy to handle as a sailboat. Budget priced, she represents today's best value in the small boat and yacht tender category. Length: 7* 11". width: 4' 2*. weight: 89 lbs. All sailing gear stores inside.

Kids sailing in the O'Day Seven-Eleven 7-11 Sailboat


  • Length: 7'11";
  • Beam: 4'2";
  • Draft: Daggerboard up 4"; down 2'4";
  • Sail area: 34 sq. ft.


  • Oars and oar locks
  • Bow eye
  • Positive foam flotation
  • Mainsail (sailing model)
  • Daggerboard well plug (sail model)
  • Drain plug in cockpit
  • Vinyl gunwale guard
  • Anodized mast and boom
  • 2 year warranty.

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Top and Side View Diagrams of the O'Day Seven-Eleven Sailboat

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