O'Day Sprite Sailboat Sales Information and Specifications (1966)

O'Day Sprite Sailboat Designed by Bob Baker

O'Day Sprite Designed by Bob Baker

Pretty and practical, the Sprite is fast becoming the nation's number one junior trainer.

Her convertible rig makes it easy for the beginner to learn to sail with a single sail as a catboat and then gain experience with two sails (mainsail and jib) simply by moving the mast back to make a sloop rig.

Safe and stable, she is extremely portable and easily carried by two people.

Ideal for junior club racing fleets, the Sprite is the least expensive way to get youngsters started in the wonderful, fun filled sport of sailing. Designed by Bob Baker.

Sailing is a cinch with an O'Day Sprite, the perfect boat to get youngsters
started. Lively, stable and easy to handle, she'll give the beginner a wide
range of sailboat "feel".

She can be rigged as a cat or easily changed to a sloop, and she flys a spinnaker smartly for exciting downwind sailing, a delight for the kids with racing in mind.

Her hull is completely fiberglass with built-in floatation tanks forward and aft. She will easily float her crew if swamped. Super-finished outside and extra-smooth inside, she's strong, lightweight and requires minimum maintenance (seasonal scrub-down and she's ready to go). Easily car-topped, ideal for the beach and no problem to store.


  • Length: 10' 2"
  • Sail Area: 63 sq. ft. *Dacron Sails
  • Beam: 4' 9" Rigged for Spinnaker
  • Draft: centerboard up 3"; down 3' 5"
  • Weight Complete: Approx. 150 lbs.
  • Optional Propulsion: Rec. up to 3 hp 0/B motor


Fiberglass hull and deck, alum. mast and boom, SS stays, pivoting rudder and centerboard, vinyl gunwale guards, drain plug, dacron lines, molded in colors, bow eye, bright hardware, molded in waterline stripe, oar lock sockets, styrofoam flotation.

Sales Information:

  • Length: 10' 2 "
  • Hull Color Options: Light Blue, Turquoise, Red or Yellow
  • Deck Color: White

Price List:

  • Complete boat less sails: $ 575.00
  • Dacron Main and Jib (including sail#): $ 72.00
  • Spinnaker: $ 35.00
  • Spinnaker Gear: $ 20.00
  • Lifting Ring: $6.50
  • Crating Charge (If Necessary): $25.00

Find out more about the O'Day Sprite and other O'Day boats. Mail the coupon or see your nearby O'Day dealer today.

Source: 1966 O'Day Fleet Catalog and Price List Flyer.

GG Archives REF: BPODY-001-1966-C-CAT

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