O'Day 32 Sailboat

Hard bilges, beaminess, and a favorable ballast to-displacement ratio contribute to the stability of The O'Day 32. She is also equipped with a lightning ground. Her rigging has been swagged instead of nicropressed. Her mast is stepped on the keel. Her hull and keel are of one-piece construction.

O'Day 32 Yacht - Newest, Biggest Double Cabin. 1974 Print Advertisement.

1974 O'DAY 32: A complete Cruising Yacht

O'Day 32 Our newest. Biggest. Double Cabin. Sleeps 6. A complete Cruising Yacht. Backed by O'Day's 2 year Gold Medal warranty.

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Introducing The O'Day 32 Aft-Cabin Sailboat (1975)

1975 Introducing the O'Day 32 Aft-Cabin Sailboat

The performance of The O'Day 32 upwind is remarkable. Her low drag, high-lift centerboard, providing 7'1" of draft. The O'Day 32 has a separate aft-cabin.

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New! Aft Cabin - O'Day 32 - 1977 Sales Brochure

1977 O'Day 32 Yacht - New! Aft Cabin

The O'Day 32 provides a full 6'5" headroom in the main cabin. Even on a long cruise, you won't believe she's under 40'. You'll sail, eat and sleep in pure comfort.

GG Archives REF: BPODY-026-1977-C-BRO


The O;Day 32 Yacht with Aft-Cabin Privacy and Living Space for Six

1977 The O'Day 32: How it gives you aft-cabin privacy

Many 32' boats have berths for six. But few have room for six to live in comfort and in privacy for weeks on end. The O'Day 32 most definitely does.

GG Archives REF: BPODY-028-1977-BW-AD


The O'Day 32: Keel or Centerboard, It's Home To Those Who Understand Living

1977 O'Day 32: Keel or Centerboard, It's Home To Those Who Understand Living

There's a point at which the boat must speak for itself. The O'Day 32 Sailboat, in person, is eloquent. Look one over with your O'Day dealer. And prepare yourself to go a little crazy.


O'Day 32 Standard Equipment & Specifications

1977 O'Day 32 Standard Equipment & Specifications

Here is a list of the Standard Equipment included for the Bangor Punta era O'Day 32 Yacht. Printed August 1977 by Bangor Punta. Includes Highlights, Deck, Interior, Hull, ...


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