O'Day International Tempest Sailboat

The multi-award-winning O'Day International Tempest is a 22-foot, two-man keelboat designed by Britain's Ian Proctor. Known for remarkably high maneuverability, it has become a top-performing planing keelboat.

International Tempest has a 500-pound retractable fin keel and a unique bendy rig with 247 square feet of sail plus spinnaker. Special high strength extrusions for the mast and boom bend in no small degree under sail.

O'Day International Tempest Sailboat

1967 O'Day International Tempest Sailboat

Young in years but an old-timer in the award category, International Tempest has established for herself an enviable reputation in a very short time.


O'Day International Tempests: We've Just Taken Over (1969)

1969 O'Day International Tempest: We've Just Taken Over

O'Day International Tempests have won so many major regattas that people are beginning to see what we always knew: Ours is the winningest!

GG Archives REF: BPODY-003-1969-BW-AD


Racing or Not, the New 1971 O'Day International Tempest is a Great Sailing Experience.

The New 1971 O'Day International Tempest Sailaboat

As the 1972 Olympics at Kiel draw closer, interest in the International Tempest is sure to increase. O'Day has built more I.T.'s — and won more races — than any other North American builder. O'Day is sanctioned by Lloyd's of London as an approved builder.


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