Scientific American - 29 June 1901

Front Cover of the Scientific American for 29 June 1901

Front Cover of the Scientific American for 29 June 1901. GGA Image ID # 10150d704e

June 29, 1901 issue of Scientific American magazine / weekly journal. Cover story is on provisioning a transatlantic liner (Hamburg-America line) -- great graphic illustration on front cover of the provisions needed. There is also an article on the Paris-Borrdeaux automobile race.

Alos an article on the new Clyde line steamship "Apache", on earticle on the reconstruction of a German cruiser. There is an article, with illustrations, on the water supply system of Chicago.

An article on the Ganz Electric Line of Valtellina (Hungry) -- an electric railroad. Also an interesting article with illustrations on method of utilization for out of date street cars -- including a village in California.

Scientific American: A Weekly Journal of Practical Information, Art, Science, Mechanics, Chemistry, and Manufactures, Vol. LXXXIV, No. 26, New York, 29 June 1901. Paginated 401 to 414 [$3.00 per year or $.08 per Copy. ]

Cover: Provisioning a Transatlanic Liner - Equivalent in Live Stock and General Stores - [See Page 406]

List of Articles and Stories, Etc.
In order of appearance

  1. Biggest in the World
  2. Extraordinary Speed in the Paris-Bordeaux Automobile Race
  3. The Lesson of the Recent Ferryboat Disaster
  4. The New Clyde Line Steamship "Apache"
  5. Reconstruction of German Cruisers
  6. The Heavens in July
  7. Death of T. C. Clarke
  8. Science Notes
  9. A Novel House Mail-Box
  10. Curious Docking Accident
  11. Photographic Pringing in Two Colors
  12. A Self Closing Spigot or Faucet
  13. New Methods of Packing Butter for Shipment
  14. The Water Supply System of Chicago
  15. Provisioning A Transatlantic Liner
  16. Fire From Waste Paper
  17. Correspondence
    1. Photographing in the 50,000th Part of a Second
    2. The Nernst Are Light
  18. Automobile News
  19. Observations of the Glacobini Comet - Nice Observatory
  20. The Ganz Electric Line of Valtellina
  21. Our Mineral Resources
  22. Method of Utilizing Old Street Cars
  23. Hardness of Metals
  24. Shipping at Nagasaki
  25. Three Recently Patented Novelties
  26. The Development of Wireless Telegraphy in England -- Its Proposed Adoption in the Post Office
  27. Demand for Blood-Oranges in Germany
  28. Recently Patented Inventions
  29. New Books, etc.
  30. Business and Personal Wants
  31. Notes and Queries
  32. Index of Inventions
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